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Syops Jailbreak map

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Going on there once with the local and new players said it was really big and crappy: explaining:


Scout inside cage is a no-no.

Cage having one entrance has a view point of top of button to open cages ez shots.

Cell rooms are nice just its to open in the middle ez for them to get to gun room

The dodgeball room? needs to be modded so Prisoners can only throw nades at each other on both sides instead of throwing at CT waiting around..

Maze with MP5 isnt big enough for them to get confused they can just type kill in console the remember where it is on freelook :(



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:( the map was made in less than an hour i think , the guy just put up what ever so we can have another map to play, i believe that was his first map ever done so i mean i didnt expect anything to great, but ya when i do see him online ill have him check that stuff see if he can fix

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