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Several RDMs/Potential Hackers

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-My Name:


-Players' Names

Kool_Fart_Name: STEAM_0:0:521760188

RespectMcGuire: STEAM_0:0:105306899

M1LK_Kid: STEAM_0:1:124365293

Surgical: STEAM_0:0:105201677

-Reasons why they should be banned

Repeated RDM/Attempted RDM and potentially using hacks to determine Traitor.


Just the logs


Supercentral TTT Minecraft Only


I have screenshots on Steam, I don't know how to upload them, but I have them.


EDIT: I uploaded my screenshots to Steam, and FrogDoggo said he slayed the RDMers. Justice is Complete


This started at around 3:30 (3/27/2020) soon after RaptureOfOmega got off. So basically some guys all came on at once. It seemed normal at first, I was the T and killed two guys (while disguised) and went away. Undisguised, I was walking down the street and was randomly shot. I was confused, and wondered if it was Ghosting.

But then the next round I was T, and all I did was pick up a gun and then was instantly shot. I suspected hacks to determine Traitor.

Two rounds later, I was T again, and got shot while standing still at the very beginning.

Next round I was T again (I couldn't believe my luck, but I couldn't do anything, when I was being shot by everyone for no reason). Guess what. Shot again.

Another two rounds later, they gave up pretending and they all started to shoot me randomly at the start of every round.


At this point, I'm positive they all know each other, hence why they knew I was T instantly and I heard them say each other's names. They also would randomly shoot each other for no reason, but never had an issue, and would even shoot me if I tried to help. I have screenshots of logs from countless rounds, I just need to insert them. It is indisputable

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