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CS:GO Fun MiniGames Server

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 MiniGames Fun Server - Fully workshop based server with fast download!

What is minigames? It is a series of mini games to play against your fellow gamers. Each map has a different set of minigames that has about on average 10+ different game modes that you can play and compete in. There are maps that range from classic games like super mario to mario kart!

Server IP:

Be sure to add the server to your favorites OR copy and paste the line below in your browser to join! (It will open your steam to redirect you to the server).



Can't play but want to communicate via chat? Go to our discord and join the #hl2-server_chat to speak to all the cs:go server(s) 



Available Commands Currently for Public:
!hats   - List of hats you can wear
!trails - Create a trail for yourself
!rtd - Roll the dice~
!music - Music ever too loud or want it disabled? Use this command
!ws - Weapon skins to use
!knife - knife skins to use
!gloves - Glove skins from the game

!Agents - Change agent skins!
Server chat to discord - All chats,commands and events happening are real time and can be viewed in #hl2-server_chat to all members in SuperCentral
There are a few downloads but mainly for addons. The server is workshop based (which I'm more than positive we're the only server currently that does that for Minigames/Multigames)

More will be added as time progresses!

Admins/Bans are found in the SuperCentral Sourcebans. We will begin doing applications again to get admin on the server! You can apply in the Admin Application location. SourceBans

Current Update: 11/27/2019 - Added a stats page to the server to view your player stats. Linked HERE!

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