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Banned for MASS RDM | With a friend

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Steam ID:STEAM_1:1:157864727
In Game Name: Spilly
Admin that banned you: FroggoDoggo
Length of Ban: Perma
Why were you banned?: Mass RDM with a friend
Why should we consider unbanning?:Because i was banned falsely i had no friend on the server i rdmed one person that was froggo doggo and logged off instead of just givin me a 2 autoslay got a perma
Which Server?: Supercentral TTT
Map name: Dunno
Provide any evidence that you have (i.e. Demos, screenshots, etc): https://prnt.sc/pmikr2

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As i recall i banned you and a two other members for mass rdm and working togther there were at least three to four reports on you alone in one round as i recall. You left as soon as i banned your first friend member then i banned you and then the other staff member that was on at the time banned your last friend.


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20 minutes ago, boualaykk said:

those logs weren't correct then since i only got zero reports last i remember then i got banned 

Logs tend to be correct since they're being recorded by the server. Was there a reason you were evading the autoslay by killing the admin and logging off?


I don't see your steamid. Is that the correct one?

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