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Whats poppin squadfam famsquad fams of squad sqauds of fam. Stop breathing sqaud.

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So hi, my name is coat. I have recently just started playing gmod and your server was the first one I happened to pick uwu I'm happy that it was as it was as empty as my life UwU. OwO I noticed that the discord is breaking for me and I can't join it's a bummer really, well my name is coat and I'm hoping to become a great member to your community UwU. also, My name is coat o3o

God I'm so fucking sorry for that but not at the same time. Anyways, really question now. How ya'll doin? I recently quit well not recently more like the last time I actually played gmod was like in january and then I slowly started to feel my soul ripped to shreds(Not that I have one) but my life was also being drained(Again, not that I have one) which made me feel like I was slowly dying(Which WAS on my bucket list so I can cross that off) so I stopped actually playing it for a few months and I've entirely been off of steam and only been "online" but really it's just left open since I don't give any shits about closing it. Well, just wanted to say hi and know how ya'll doin. My real world life is uhh doing fine, I guess. I'm 6`1 now, I have a deeper voice than Game and that's really all. Also, National ping Game Galaxy Month?

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