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I have a few suggestions the first one is the Bellini ik its in the workshop and basically it is a shotgun if you hip fire and a rifle when you aim down sights, its for the detectives only maybe add more detective gadgets like the night hawk and a defribulator. My second suggestion is the return of the Golden deagle. I also think you should also add more things to the shop like jump packs, maybe even be able to buy T rounds, but do it so you can only buy it once map or every 15 minutes. I also have suggestions for special rounds including dodge ball (it was a special round a long time ago), H.U.G.E. only, an maybe implement a system where we can vote to choose which map we want after we are finished the one we are playing. More guns would also be nice their are tons of them out their just choose a few. Their also use to be a menu for vips and staff where you could choose you loadout before the round starts and you spawn with it.~

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