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KZ/Climb Server Information

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Server IP: superkz.game.nfoservers.com:27015

Server located in Dallas, TX (Central)




Useful Player Commands:

!menu - opens the checkpoint menu

!options - opens the player's options

!goto - opens a menu to teleport to another player (does not work while timer is running)

!rtv - rocks the vote, if enough players type !rtv a random map vote will start to change the map immediately

!nextmap - displays the next map in the map rotation

!top - opens a menu to browse the leaderboards of various local records


The KZ Jumpstats leaderboards can be viewed here
The website is still being worked on, but the leaderboards are in working order


A list of maps with difficulty ratings can be viewed here
Most if not all maps on KZStats should be on the server


Advanced Strafing Guide
A very helpful guide to learn the mechanics behind air strafing and long jumping in CS:GO


General Rules

No mic spam

No racial slurs

No harassment of others

No macros/scripts (Null binds & Crouch Jump Binds are allowed)

No hacks of any kind


Players acting with malicious intent while attempting to loop hole any rules will be punished accordingly



Being a VIP gives you access to these custom player models:


click to enlarge

Four Eyes                                       Oni Genji

mWTampo.jpg  w4VxmJN.jpg


Mcree                                              Groot

Ah72uUO.jpg  cS8nj0d.jpg


Hunk                                              Revenant

fNjlkwM.jpg  TXUrXzm.jpg


Starlord                                           Hunk

b6sNP4O.jpg  Uzzuq4I.jpg





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