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Baguette abuse

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Your Name: Dodgerâ„¢

Players Name: The Baguette

Steam ID/IP of player: STEAM_0:1:93974064

Reason(s) why they should be demoted: He is constantly bending the rules to fit his own way. He teleports around the map even after being asked by higher ups to stop, he rdms and is a one sided staff member. He brings situatons that have nothing to do with the server into the server and starts drama. He revives himself while the round is still active. He disrespects players. He should not be staff [not to mean disrespect towards him].


Witnesses who will attest to this?: Multiple staff that will most likely respond to this.


What Server: TTT

Evidence (i.e. Demos, screenshots, etc):

#1 - rdm crowbar push

#2 - attempt rdm with crowbar

#3 - Respawning self while round is active

#4 - rdm x2

#5 - Video of teleporting while the round is active [skip to 5mins and 20 seconds for TP abuse on T round]

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I unfortunately can only agree.

As you've been warned by me and others multiple times to stop and yet decide to continue, it's just fair to finally start escalating this issue.


You can't just pretend to be a good staff member when other staff are around. You as a representative of our community need to do that more so when nobody else is around.

But I can't really stand hearing almost every single day, be it on my twitch stream or privately on Steam, what sort of mistakes YOU are doing.


And if you tell me "Kryp if you're taking the rules so seriously why don't you consider changing servers" well, that's the point where you're going overboard.


Usually I'd say you deserve a second chance, but you've been warned multiple times, so I think immediate action is necessary.


EDIT: Heck I've even seen you teleport around randomly. You're not supposed to abuse your commands. You're supposed to HELP the server with them and not use them for "haha xD". Sometimes it's fun, I know that myself, but if that's the only thing you're doing with them, idk. Think about that yourself.

Edited by KrypTheBear

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You don't get it do you.


You're not supposed to abuse the power that was given to you. It's a priviledge to have moderation powers on a server, which can be just as easily taken away.


You have been warned by fking Stoppie. FKING. STOPPIE. HAD TO WARN YOU. And you didn't stop. You just kept on breaking rules and kept on abusing your powers. 

Jesus Chreist man... 

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