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TTT Minecraft 24/7 | About mc_playground's fps issues

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Coming from a low-mid spec user,
mc_playground is burden to play in, giving me about 10-25 (or lower) fps when idling on the middle of the map, from the usual 30-50 fps.

During crucial moments or situations (even automatic firing with any smg or assault rifle) lowers my fps drastically.


Other maps give me 30-50 on average, enough for stable gameplay.


I asked some players when the map is active, they get fps drops when you look at the middle of a map, slight fps drops when a player shoots and fps lag causes hitreg to desync and miss headshots pointblank.


I may not be an expert on mapmaking but I'm suggesting for a map optimization like making water not reflect when far away (medium range minimum), decreasing texture quality when far away and decreasing map shadow quality, something that will help fixing fps stability.

Or the straightforward way, removing mc_playground from the map pool.


PC/Laptop Specs if anyone is asking.




(Might add photo evidence [screenshots with net_graph 1] in the future.)



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I HIGHLY recommend you get a new kit of 2x4gb ram. 

EDIT: Dual channel is good for low speed rams.

unfortunately you can't over clock that cpu, so you are stuck with that clock speed.


what i don't understand is : how on earth do you get lower gpu power than me?



the 310m is the gpu i have, but i get a solid 50 fps, at the map that you lag at, and 60-120 fps at other maps.


change your graphics setting to PERFORMANCE

DISABLE unused processes 

DELETE unnecessary programs, and update ALL you DRIVERS


EDIT: clean up your laptop's heatsink (full of dust maybe), preferably with a compressed air can, and a brush. (re apply thermal paste/ grease/ compound, if you can)


if you have vsync ON

turn it OFF

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Its probably due to my gmod settings, since i run at 30-50 fps on csgo and payday 2 on average, which are heavier than gmod.

I might change settings for a bit and to see what gives the most frames on the map.


Yes I do have vsync on, but it's still unusual if 1 particular map drops that amount of frames.


My point still holds, and you giving your frames on mc_playground gives me more proof that mc_playground has fps issues.


My fps on mc_village (I forgot the name of the map):



P.S: Apply for staff already.

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Vsync off, NOT on, as vsync is a bit retarded nowadays, so gamers wan't Gsync, which is like as smooth butter, while vsync is as smooth as concrete.

but you will see SOME tears on your screen, but its better than having low fps. 

i did tweak my gmod folder settings, and got my game to run at an even lower texture, and tried to disable a few other things, but i ended up breaking my game, so i just stuck with the original.

use a 3d analyzer if you can, as they by-pass the bs fps boosting command block that steam put on gmod.


ram is very important, as the game recommendation literally says:


    • OS: Windows® 7/8/8.1/10
    • Processor: 2.5 GHz Processor or better
    • Memory: 8 GB RAM
    • Graphics: 1GB dedicated VRAM or better
    • DirectX: Version 9.0c
    • Network: Broadband Internet connection
    • Storage: 10 GB available space


now lets see what you have


2.7 ghz of cpu power (tho old AMD cpu architecture is **** )


well you pretty much fail after that.


you do have a better gpu, but, maybe your drivers ARE outdated, as updates are necessary.


get an ssd if you can, it skyrocketed my laptops performance, It changeg my boot time from 5 minutes, to 13 seconds.

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