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White Knight

Introducing EXP system for TTT

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The EXP system is a new form way of earning exp in the server and receive exclusive items only for people with certain levels/Prestige's.


Here are the Rules for EXP in Trouble in Terrorist Town
Gain Points:
Killing INNOCENT = 5XP
Killing Destective = 10XP
Winning Round = 15XP
Gain Points:
Kill Traitor = 10XP
Win Round = 15XP
Win Round WITH detectives = 5XP | for each detective alive
Gain Points:
Killing Traitor = 10XP
Winning Round = 15XP
Win Rounds WITH Innoncents = 5XP(Each)
If you have any questions or suggestions do feel free to ask away.
This Mod is still under progress and going thru some debug days.

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