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SuperCentral BaseBuilder Server [CS:GO]

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Welp, we coming in real hot bringing you a second addition to the CS:GO community with a BaseBuilder server. 



What is BaseBuilder?


Build Phase: This is the beginning of the round, players must build their bases and check their bases for any cracks or illegal usages.

Preparation Phase: Now that all the bases are finished, CT's must quickly get into their base and prepare to fight.

Defend Phase: This is where CTs must survive against the oncoming zombies until the round time ends.


How to Play?


Hold E to choose a block

Mouse 1 and Mouse 2 to bring the block closer or further away from you

R to swap the position of your piece

G to lock a block in place




Make sure you review the rules first and then come check out our server @ sccsgobb.game.nfoservers.com:27015

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