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SC 10 Man Scrim server [CS:GO]

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Hey guys, thanks to Yami's server box and Kevin's diligence (and huge2 weiner3) we have opened a CS:GO server in order to play 10 mans within the community. 10 mans have a long history within this community and I hope to restart what was once a great weekly event. The server already has a plugin setup to where you can just type .ready, a map vote will then take place followed by a knife round to determine sides, and then the game will start. There is also a way through .10man or .setup to have a mode where captains can choose teammates and then you can start the match.


What is a 10 man? A 10 man is basically competitive CS 5v5 where you vote on a map, choose teammates and sides, and you play first to 16 rounds. If the score goes 15-15, the match will automatically go into overtime MR3. The environment is supposed to be less serious than matchmaking because you have nothing to lose, but that doesn't mean you are supposed to throw rounds. 10 mans are meant to help foster good teamwork and create a fun yet competitive environment.


Who is this for and why should I play it? 10 mans are for everybody in the community, but it is encouraged to bring friends outside of the community if we have slots available. Whether you are Silver 1 or Global Elite, 10 manning with the community is a nice way to escape the cancerous and cheating atmosphere that is Valve's matchmaking. 10 manning is an environment of competitive fun, where you can grow as a player by playing against people both better and worse than you who you can trust don't cheat because they are in the community.


1.Whenever there are 10 people on that want to play CS:GO, we should try to get a 10 man going as opposed to having two separate lobbies playing matchmaking or other services like ESEA,Faceit,Cevo etc... 

2. I want to make it ABUNDANTLY clear that these games will not be bet on, either with skins or cash, in order to help prevent a bad atmosphere and prevent younger community members getting involved with gambling.

3. Every game played in the server is recorded, therefore if there are cheating complaints we can review the case appropriately.


IP to scrim server: sccsgo3.game.nfoservers.com:27015 (Add this to your favorites)

The Password to the scrim server is: scpug



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