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Revert the map changes?  

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  1. 1. Do you like the map in its current state?

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    • No
  2. 2. Do you want to see the map reverted to its previous state?

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As you all know we have had some map changes to scmc, and as many of you agree these changes are bad for the map/server. The map changes include the following.


- The sewer system has been blocked off in various ways.


- The sewer system has a "Point of no return" by which I mean once you enter you cannot leave due to 

   lack of functional ladders.


- The flower has been removed


- The inside of the mound is now covered with glass (this is actually a good thing)


- The top floor of the hotel has been removed and is now full of holes


- The vines around the map that previously acted as ladders no longer function.


- The parkour has been removed due to camping (and it is NOT coming back)

- The lights button has been blocked off (and is NOT coming back)


- The way onto the top of the hotel( the white building) is now only accessible via the traitor room


- Doors on the building that leads to the sewer have been widened and now show dirt and grass below 

   the building


- The walls in the jail have been demolished



* If you are coming here from the steam workshop page or the SuperCentral TTT 24/7 minecraft server, welcome and please take a minute to sign up with steam so that you may vote and submit your opinion on the current changes.



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The parkour has been removed due to camping (and it is NOT coming back)

Sorry that would be me :rofl:


As for the updates...

  • I think that in interim we should revert to the previous version while the problems are fixed.
  • Chris's Idea about the elevator system from the first to access the third floor of the hotel should be implemented. Possible places to put it could be in the back left corner of the hotel with the black room (also known as Stoppie's AFK spot) or the glass corner because these are both places with little functionality.
  • A problem that I can think of off the bat with the elevator system could be people getting squashed by the platform as it comes down (RDM?)
  • If that isn't possible then maybe we could have a wall with 3 Buttons (First, Second, Third) on each floor that teleport the player to the selected floor (can't think of any ways where this could be abused).
  • The place with the parkour is now removed and that opens up space for new possibilities (T Traps, Creeper Bomb V.2, What about a one time button that flashes everyone so they become temporarily blinded? I don't know but you get the point.)
  • The lights that have been blocked off now remains useless and in the way so that should be removed and replaced by decorations or another smaller building.
  • Is the T Tester Exploit fixed???
  • Ladders and Vines should be fixed. and flower should stay removed just like the parkour.
  • What to do with the sewers. I have no idea, but since they have been blocked off, the buildings that their sole purpose was to cover the entrances to the sewers have no use but hiding places.
  • Thanks for MORE WEAPON SPAWNS!!! (its the little things guys)

Well that's my two cents. Thanks to the crew who is actually doing the edits, slaving their free hours, sacrificing their free time, you guys are my heroes!



The third level in the jail/castle needs the ladder to get there (yeah, There's a third floor? 0_o) it has a weapon spawn and a hole for a ladder, but no way to access it unless you get a friend to boost you up there. 

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