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This deserves to be in the News section, hell its what the community is based off of! 


AMX Super 5.0 has FINALLY been released! 





H3avy Rain







All you guys are awesome, even though some are not here, we are happy and give major CREDIT to you all.  I wish we could have a party or something.  Buy everybody a drink!


Please refer to the link below if you would like to download AMX Super 5.0!


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In the News respect, their will be a small release shortly. A few minor changes that need to be dealt with.


The fact that this plugin has changed so drastically, their is new implementation that needs to be adapted to on this level. The simple fact that is are now so many plugins and the lack of a 'main' plugin, nothing is reliable on anything in particular. So everything needs to be independent, and it works fine. But for development and troubleshooting purposes, their are better routes we can can, and those require trial and error. =)


So, it you may say it was a record time before a small release of the 5.0, but just think how nice it will be to troubleshoot and fix issues.


Thats the news people!


--Follow this topic to get the info of new releases, or changes or upcoming changes to the super instantly!

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It's the biggest admin plugin there was for CS 1.6. It was made by bmann_420 way back and maintained by SuperCentral when we ran 1.6 servers.

It has hundreds of thousands of downloads.

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