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Found 1 result

  1. As you all know we have had some map changes to scmc, and as many of you agree these changes are bad for the map/server. The map changes include the following. - The sewer system has been blocked off in various ways. - The sewer system has a "Point of no return" by which I mean once you enter you cannot leave due to lack of functional ladders. - The flower has been removed - The inside of the mound is now covered with glass (this is actually a good thing) - The top floor of the hotel has been removed and is now full of holes - The vines around the map that previously acted as ladders no longer function. - The parkour has been removed due to camping (and it is NOT coming back) - The lights button has been blocked off (and is NOT coming back) - The way onto the top of the hotel( the white building) is now only accessible via the traitor room - Doors on the building that leads to the sewer have been widened and now show dirt and grass below the building - The walls in the jail have been demolished * If you are coming here from the steam workshop page or the SuperCentral TTT 24/7 minecraft server, welcome and please take a minute to sign up with steam so that you may vote and submit your opinion on the current changes.
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