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Found 1 result

  1. INTRODUCTION In recent times ive come to notice the basis of what rdm truly is. By stepping away from the server against my will I am somewhat able to not have tunnel vision and I usually see the cesspool of bans happening as Scrolling through the forums is my supercentral alternative right now. RDM or Random deathmatch is when a person kills another person withought legitimate evidence agianst them proving them as a Traitor. PROBLEM The recent problem with the server when I last was on it was people such as myself. That were fairly active but held little or no regard to the rdm rules. Rdming nearly every round believing that because they are doing single rdms and not multiple in the same time even as they are fully aware they are rdming believe it to be okay. Its not. When I rdmed somoene I would almost get a sense of pride when it was a traitor and yet when the latter happens I made it my goal to ruin that persons session. SOLUTION How is it that we can rehabilitate most of these people into rulefollowers? These people are quite a large amount of the usuals and even as their case may not be as extreme as mine how can we encourage them or point them into the right direction?
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