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Found 7 results

  1. We're in the process of reforming the rules, and so far we've addressed a good amount, but there's still a lot that can be done. This is where you come in! Put your rule suggestions down in the comments of this topic, and if we find that it is a good suggestion we will consider adding it to the official rule list. Your suggestions could be for current rules, or you could suggest new rules, up to you! This topic will be open to all users, and there will be a staff meeting to discuss some of the best suggestions from this topic and to possibly add them to the rule list. If you have any questions, contact me through Steam, Discord, or Teamspeak.
  2. I want special rounds to return, never did em, never was around for em.
  3. As you all know we have had some map changes to scmc, and as many of you agree these changes are bad for the map/server. The map changes include the following. - The sewer system has been blocked off in various ways. - The sewer system has a "Point of no return" by which I mean once you enter you cannot leave due to lack of functional ladders. - The flower has been removed - The inside of the mound is now covered with glass (this is actually a good thing) - The top floor of the hotel has been removed and is now full of holes - The vines around the map that previously acted as ladders no longer function. - The parkour has been removed due to camping (and it is NOT coming back) - The lights button has been blocked off (and is NOT coming back) - The way onto the top of the hotel( the white building) is now only accessible via the traitor room - Doors on the building that leads to the sewer have been widened and now show dirt and grass below the building - The walls in the jail have been demolished * If you are coming here from the steam workshop page or the SuperCentral TTT 24/7 minecraft server, welcome and please take a minute to sign up with steam so that you may vote and submit your opinion on the current changes.
  4. Does Anybody Know If The TTT Server Is Online At All?
  5. Trouble in Terrorist Town #Changelog [ Version 1.1.3 ] - [ 2/6/2015 ] End round music installed. End round Slowmotion installed. Loading Screen updated. TTT CVAR adjusted. [ Version 1.1.2 ] - [ 1/31/2015 ] Spectator Deathmatch Reinstated (Bug Fixed). Spawn Points Fixed. Pointshop Glitch Fixed. 1 Map added. [ Version 1.1.1 ] - [ 1/26/2015 ] Pointshop update you will recieve 10 minutes every 2 minutes. Spectator Deathmatch installed. Spectator Deathmatch - 10 points for every kill. [ Version 1.1 ] - [ 1/9/2015 ] Pointshop installed. Power-ups released. Materials released. [ Version 1.0 ] Server released.
  6. as we all know there is almost never anyone on either the ttt or the murder servers I feel that that is because we as a community aren't doing our part to promote them, I'm not talking about jay or taco or any of the other admins because they do a lot to keep this server fun and friendly, no I mean the vips the mods and anyone else who is reading this we need to work to make the those servers as popular as the PH server. we need to go on whatever sites those servers are listed on and upvote them- we need to tell everyone how awesome this community is and get them hooked! I myself do not know which sites the servers are listed on if someone could list links that would be awesome.
  7. The TTT servers has been given unknown errors that make the server unexpectedly crash. I will be currently working on the TTT on a private server to fixes the bugs and until the crashes are fully fixed. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me anytime. "Stop it, Slendy" will be the temporary mod while TTT is currently being fixed.
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