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Found 3 results

  1. Hi, my name is Ethan and my steam username is MiNyMaRsHmElL I was banned by the admin spicy salsa and since then i haven't been able to log in so i think the ban is a long time. I was banned for ghosting even though i wasn't Yes, i was with my friends ad we were in a discord but we made a rule that there would be no ghosting so it would be a complete and fun experience. Incident: It occurred on the mine craft 24/7 server on the map mine craft city, my friend swiggity was with the admin and spicy salsa and I ,and were behind a building. I walked away and instantly i heard one burst of gunfire and turn around to see swiggity dead and the admin completely fine, i then kill spicy salsa, and he was a t, i don't see how this was ghosting as when my friend was killed he was completly quiet and respectful to not ghost. If this is still not believable it shuld just be a ban for rdm and it should just be an autoslay thankyou for taking the time to read this
  2. IGN: superman10156 Steam id: STEAM_0:0:0 Admin that banned you: i dont know. ( I suspect it may be "The Entire State of Hawaii") Length: 12 hours Why banned: for being gay?? Date: Fri Jul 28 What I did?: So i was in a game and i got banned. Someone asked "why is being gay an insult" and i replied by saying "because many people take being gay as a lack of masculinity". Then BAM i was banned. I'm not sure what happened, cause the admin called me gay in the report. for the record there was no disrespect or anything, at first i thought it was a joke but he didn't unban me. Server: TTT Map name: playground_TTT (probably)
  3. Sunday Oct 11th, 8:46 PM Pacific Standard Time minymeep (claimed it was a 'False Report') auto slayed me for reporting a t for RDMing a t buddy. So, I'm Not allowed to report someone for RDM if it didn't happen to me?? That's not a rule.
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