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Found 5 results

  1. Ingame Name: [Melonhead]ThatMLGDude#2MLG4U Admin that banned you: Was offline and there were multiple staff on so I don't know Length of Ban: 5 days Why were you banned: Was offline but it was about an incend I threw Why you should be unbanned: So a few people were jailed. I warned everyone to get away because I threw an incend at the jail. Now jailed people keep respawning over and over. So it was just a funny way to lose karma they wouldn't have died except after they died and respawned a couple times the operator unjailed them and some had the brains to run away but one just stood there dieing. I served two slays for people that got killed and reported. And 4 rounds after that incident the map changed and I logged out during the switchover. I assume the next round started and I got banned. How does that work. A ban 5 rounds after the incident happened like seriously. I threw an incend at invincible people and got banned. Please explain Which Server: The only one I play on (Other than the mirror) Minecraft Only Map Name: The one with the large center with TNT and the secret knife after three enderchests.
  2. FrogDoggo banned me for the same reason he banned me the first time, which is for racism. He banned me for the 3 reports in which I responded with racist content. That was before the lighthouse map and the terminal Minecraft maps were loaded in! I even discussed it with Taco (verified) and he pointed out to me to make a forum post about the time stamps which Doggo willingly chose to ignore. In this image it shows one of 3 reports in which I responded with racist comments that I copy and pasted and spammed until I couldnt. That was the reason I was banned for the first time. If you check the logs between 1:20 am and so fourth you can find that I was not reported in any way shape and or form for "3 racist reports" I was banned for the first time on this server for racism. Then I proceeded to go to Taco and explain to him the situation. After an extended period of time I was unbanned and he let me off with a warning. Remember, I was banned for those 3 racist reports then, not now. So we're a good hour into the terminal mincraft map based of a CoD game and I am banned for! Drum roll please! He even spelt it the wrong way exactly as before! When I got back into the server after being unbanned he got flustered and frustrated I suppose asking "Who unbanned the racist" and then proceeded to go afk for about 2 whole map rotations which he spent in spectators, Im guessing this was to dig through the mod logs to find my 3 racist reports. Check the time stamps of the time I was banned the first time with the time I was banned the second time and you'll see that I wasnt reported AT ALL between after being unbanned and being banned a second time! Also! Look at this! He went back through the logs to show Taco the reason I was banned the first time to use it to ban me a second since he got upset at me for using factual statements and evidence to get myself unbanned. I will soon have more evidence to further back up what I have said.
  3. IGN: superman10156 Steam id: STEAM_0:0:0 Admin that banned you: i dont know. ( I suspect it may be "The Entire State of Hawaii") Length: 12 hours Why banned: for being gay?? Date: Fri Jul 28 What I did?: So i was in a game and i got banned. Someone asked "why is being gay an insult" and i replied by saying "because many people take being gay as a lack of masculinity". Then BAM i was banned. I'm not sure what happened, cause the admin called me gay in the report. for the record there was no disrespect or anything, at first i thought it was a joke but he didn't unban me. Server: TTT Map name: playground_TTT (probably)
  4. Hi ! My names finesse hills, and I just want to let you know that I really liked the server you have. After a while of playing, I started to notice that kingwolf was really close with Versace, and all the other donators. At some point I got rdmed for stepping in front of the T room, I reported Versace and I get slayed. Versace rdms everyone and gets away with it. Then when I report, or kill someone I get slayed? This trial mod should be stripped of his powers.
  5. Sunday Oct 11th, 8:46 PM Pacific Standard Time minymeep (claimed it was a 'False Report') auto slayed me for reporting a t for RDMing a t buddy. So, I'm Not allowed to report someone for RDM if it didn't happen to me?? That's not a rule.
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