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  1. Oh no. Don't drag me into this. I don't do anything here =]
  2. I miss you my braddah from anaddah aina!
  3. This is 99% your graphics card failing, or 1% chance of some bad monitor connections. Really all I can recommend is opening up your laptop, and cleaning it. Beyond that, as LeviN said maybe time for a new graphics card. If your laptop has an integrated card well... Maybe a new laptop? I know that External GPU's are a thing (eGPU's) but I have 0 experience with them, and they sound too good to be true.
  4. There is a section on the forums for suggestions. http://supercentral.co/forums/forum/130-suggestions/
  5. Holding a Traitor bought weapon is Traitorous. Traitorous things are KOSable. If you're proven with a T weapon, or even just found a T weapon somewhere on the ground without being proven then do one of two things: a ) Give it to a Detective b ) Don't hold it out in the open Witherrrerr explained it about just as well as I can. TTT is a fast paced game, and the second it takes for you to look at someone's name, remember/ask if they're proven, and then decide whether or not to kill is the time it takes for the person holding the T weapon to kill you. If holding a T weapon isn't KOSable then you have T's running around saying, "I killed ___ that's how I got this AWP," or, "I found this AWP on the ground randomly." With all of that being said I do feel I should mention that the MOTD is currently under heavy construction, and will be overhauled soon.
  6. This seems like a coincidence, and a misunderstanding at the same time. I agree with Kyle that while it does seem like they are ghosting it's not definitive proof. Tomorrow (Or later today) I'll remove the ban when I have time. If you can add me at http://steamcommunity.com/id/wagglyteffthat'd be helpful as well. Thanks, and I hope you understand.
  7. Getting our Discord bot to display reports made could definitely be helpful. Let's see what Taco, and our dev can work on. That might actually be able to mitigate some RDM.
  8. To clarify this is actually a glitch with Gmod/TTT. If the person restarts Gmod it usually fixes itself.
  9. Wagglyteff

    Report staff

    You can report staff in this section of the forums. http://supercentral.co/forums/forum/139-garrys-mod-ban-center/ Alternatively you can add me on steam http://www.steamcommunity.com/id/Wagglyteffand report them directly to me. If you'd like you could also add Joe and report it to him directly. http://steamcommunity.com/id/joeeatszombie/
  10. Hahahaha we used to send new staff their own SteamID, and ask if they could ban that ID for us. It was funny as hell.
  11. Like for real though that bothers me SO much more than it should. Anyway I'm voting we watch an Action movie, and I think Pitch Black would be a great first movie night movie, but me and Joe watch movies pretty regularly anyway, so let's get some voting here so you guys can choose what movie to watch
  12. As said before I'm online on an alternate account specifically to monitor staff, and see how they're doing without actually being online as staff myself. Taco, Joe, and Grim know of this account, and can attest to it literally being in one of the screenshots you provided. As for where am I when the, "racism and mic spamming happens," I'm online waiting to see if one of the staff that is online will deal with it. Doing my job. Speaking of that my job is quite literally to monitor staff. Today was me doing my job. I didn't not talk to you about that issue because, "I don't have balls," I had Joe deal with it because of this reaction right here. I was worried you would think I was being "salty" based on our last interaction when you deleted me on steam the first time. It seemed right to let a third unbiased party deal with it. I didn't, "pick a donator over one of our best staff." I simply managed the situation. You made an unjust ban, and I fixed it. As for you being one of our best staff well... That's simply not true. You were active yes, but you were very quick to let your personal emotions cloud your judgement as shown perfectly in this situation right here. Once again Joe had literally talked to you about how you were on, "thin ice." I'm not "playing the saint." I'm stating what happened. The comment about me not caring about the server is anything but truthful. If that were the case I wouldn't have written the MOTD, and most likely would have never applied for staff in the first place much less get the role of Head Admin.
  13. So let me go ahead and just say this here. Us Head Admins have an account specifically for monitoring the server without being an online staff presence. In fact you can see our second account in one of the screenshots you've posted. I was online at the time playing the game. I'd also like to point out that you're now changing your story. Originally it was, "Spotify just asked if there was a KOS called on me," while now you're saying, "MerryDan called a KOS on me." Spotify did ask if there was a KOS called on you AFTER someone else (NOT MerryDan) had called a KOS on you in voice chat. MerryDan had every right to kill you. Also MerryDan was not, "Being a dick to staff." Yes he made some comments that were less than savory, but none of that warrants a ban. A warning would have sufficed, and if it continued a ban may have been necessary. Now onto the part about me insulting you through steam. That never happened. I would screenshot our chat, but you conveniently deleted me on steam, so I can't. I do, however; have these logs of the chat we did have after I kicked you for yelling over me, and refusing to have a level-headed conversation with me about the issue. Thankfully I copied this to Joe before you deleted me, and tried to slander my name publicly. poopieface mcpooperson: I was literally on the server I ehard it poopieface mcpooperson: heard* Sladverr: NO ONE SAID KOS Sladverr: Clean out your damn ears poopieface mcpooperson: It wasn't spotify who called the KOS. It was someone else who did poopieface mcpooperson: Dude. Sladverr: Im done Sladverr: Bte Sladverr: btye poopieface mcpooperson: Okay. That steam chat happened right after I kicked you. I never once insulted you. I did call you a liar in game because well... You were lying. As stated before I was quite literally on the server, and heard the KOS myself. Now as for your activity on the server even though that has nothing to do with this I will address it. You were admittedly one of our most active staff members. How you handled yourself in that staff position has been something that Joe, and I have discussed multiple times. He even talked to you personally about this just the other day. As for Zombies once again this isn't relevant in anyway. Delete this post? First off I quite literally don't even have the power to do so. Secondly even if I did I wouldn't. I'm not one to let emotions get in the way of my judgement when it comes to server business.
  14. I mean you put yourself in a position that you knew would get yourself KOS'd. Imagine if a Detective is asking you to test, and you refuse to do so. I do this all the time, and when the Detective starts shooting me after 3 warnings it would be RDM for me to shoot back, and kill him since I put myself in that position in the first place. I knew I would be KOS'd. With that being said yes what happened in the situation you described would be RDM. You knowingly got a KOS called on you. That doesn't give you the right to kill Innocents.
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