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  1. Look who's back!!!

    1. Kyledozer
    2. Moonith
    3. fredthebeast5


      OMG Its laydee lozza i cry with happiness

  2. CORRUPTED!!!! We have corrupted people <3
  3. Mikel, your just weird cause your EU
  4. Guys guild has been created. SuperCentral is now active.
  5. Yes Mikel, we are going Alliance.
  6. Mikel is jealous he can't play as well as me
  7. Ok. American Server Trichondrius (Spelt something like that. I'm gunna be moving 2 characters over)
  8. Yeah because yours on when I'm sleeping haha
  9. When Mikel talks nonsense to you and you just learn to accept he can't help himself :P

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. Kyledozer


      I am as well Mikel...

    3. Laydee Lozza

      Laydee Lozza

      That's because Mikel is the one who always talks nonsense

    4. Kyledozer


      Moonith is following in Mikel's footsteps


  10. Awesome Moonith! Sounds like a plan =D
  11. We love you to Kyle!! We miss you <3
  12. Thanks guys, I'll get onto this one for you.
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