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  1. This place is more dead than uhhhhhh...

    1. LeviN


      slowly coming back to life

    2. Kyledozer


      Don't disappear so much then Chris. Come back and bring all of that life with you old man. 

    3. Bat Dan
  2. Whats the program called again? I might just help out again.
  3. I'm back and I've got fresh memes

  4. 1. The naked gun 2. Deadpool 3. Airplane
  5. This man is a ******* hacker and i will see him in vac ban hell. (welcome to supercentral)
  6. We need screenshots of logs or a date and time, (Must be exact) if you want action to be taken.
  7. if you can get me screenshots i can get him/her a slay
  8. Chris

    Hey :3

    Dayum I heard she crazy too!
  9. im silver 4 but i have a crappy computer that needs ice packs to get 60fps, and even then its not consistent (i know, excuses excuses)
  10. if you could just pm me the evidence i could look into it for you and do something before this continues. here is my steam link http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198060296386/
  11. 1. I banned you 2. The ban stays 3. Grim and Joe will give you the same answer that i have
  12. *gets admin* "sorry guys i cant play, i got work"

    1. ScratchUniverse


      *demote* Go to work scrub :3

    2. Laydee Lozza

      Laydee Lozza

      I know them feels Chris! We can be working scrubs together :P

  13. I have lots of work :(

  14. when would you be using it? (time zone) how long would you be using it ? (also how often) are you going to sell my skins? (you better not) will you please rank it up? (pls do)
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