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Status Updates posted by Chris

  1. This place is more dead than uhhhhhh...

    1. LeviN


      slowly coming back to life

    2. Kyledozer


      Don't disappear so much then Chris. Come back and bring all of that life with you old man. 

    3. Bat Dan
  2. I'm back and I've got fresh memes

  3. *gets admin* "sorry guys i cant play, i got work"

    1. ScratchUniverse


      *demote* Go to work scrub :3

    2. Laydee Lozza

      Laydee Lozza

      I know them feels Chris! We can be working scrubs together :P

  4. I have lots of work :(

  5. Promotions? what are those?

    1. Moonith


      These things where you got money discounts on mcdonalds food. Like buy one get one free promotions. Thought you'd know that?

    2. Mikel


      nobody cares chris

    3. Kyledozer


      Wow Chris how did you not know that and you work at McDonald's while Moonith works at some tire place!!! :D


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