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  1. Water cooling is way easier to manage. I keep my potato water cooled at all times. the only thing I have to do every once in a while is cut the sprouting roots.
  2. Sorry guys for being away. Really want to put my part in...but dealing with some serious stuff irl. Ill do my best to pop in if possible.
  3. Well...Ill put an end to this I suppose. Sonder, you are remaining on the watchlist for continued disrespect. I've been in game with you and seen staff have to deal with you prior to this incident. Just because you do not agree with the rules we have set, does not mean that you don't have to follow them. They are very clear. You cannot kill on suspicion alone. Even if you did only have 11 hp left, you killed the other player with no proof of them being a T. It doesn't matter if that person ended up being a T in the end either. The fact is you killed someone randomly. You could have warned him and put suspicion on him for possible T-Baiting...but nothing else. Had you have died - that would have sucked, but thats the game. You live sometimes, you die sometimes...but just because you want to live, does not mean you can kill someone just like that. Also, just to be clear, I was in there for the majority of this incident (through console). In fact, I'm the one that kicked Tails and gave him warning though admin chat and PMs. All in all, just because you don't agree with my staff, does not mean they are doing their job improperly. As I said, I was in console for this and they did nothing incorrect..with the exception of Tootsie's comment(and ill be talking to her about that). The slay was proper as was the act of leaving you on the watchlist.
  4. Notes is justified in this situation. The ban will remain. If he felt it was necessary after the initial warnings and kick, then he has not abused his powers in any way. If the admins tell you that making the sword is kosable, then it is.
  5. Thanks for the post. I will be looking into it.
  6. Nah, man. I OP on PH due to my 1337 parkour skills
  7. nah, im a lowly scrub. What is gMod?
  8. GrimGelo

    Hi all

    Welcome! Always nice to see new faces
  9. Well then...for starters you were mic spamming and we have other staff that can verify. Still, it wasn't just mic spam that led to your punishment, it was the severe disrespect to staff that led to the gag even after warnings were given. You even told me to "f*** off." Anywho, I can remove the gag, but you will have very little room for mistakes thereafter. Any further mic spam/disrespect will result in a harsher punishment. Your friendly neighborhood Grim
  10. Thanks for your post Jukaton; I'll discuss this with Kyle. I do not, however, think he was completely out of line. If anyone is disruptive to the server, we try to deal with it in a prompt manner. If Kyle felt its necessary, then he is allowed to gag/mute someone as he did with you. Our rules are always at the discretion of the current online staff. The situations in which we have to enforce those rules vary widely, Either way, I'll speak with him and make sure he's giving warnings when he can. Thanks again, ~Grim
  11. I did double check the Prop Hunter server as well. All the issues have been fixed and the only current bans are now ones made by our staff.
  12. At this point I'm going to make it a permanent ban. This is for another report that I brought to my attention by staff and a few regulars on the TTT server. I managed to see some of it through console as well. Kyle had to ban him for repeated expletives and and unwanted solicitations. Not only did he do it in our server, but he private messaged players as well. There was no sarcasm in this situation. If he is going as far as to harass people by PMing them...it simply will not be tolerated. Kyle's permanent ban will stand.
  13. You don't know my life...I do what i want. I'm a grown a** 12 yo girl
  14. Ok Airmerk, this is getting out of hand, I've reviewed the logs, the watchlist, and had feedback from the majority of my staff. You cannot call abuse every time you get slayed. On the first one, Chris might have jumped the gun very slightly, but now you are coming back after RDMing and leaving...only to pester them about why they slayed you. Then when they finally stop you from spamming asay, you try to RDM the staff members and even go as far as to insult them. That I will not have. Its quite clear and they did try to explain. You just don't seem to agree with our rules. As such, I am leaving you on the watchlist, leaving the slays, and leaving the ban. They are all, as far as i can tell doing their job in a proper manner. I have always told the players and staff...the punishments are at the discretion of our online staff. Should they feel it necessary to slay, kick, ban, etc. , they have full permission to do so. If they tell you they slayed you for rdming and leaving...there is your answer...I really don't see the confusion. All in all..you seem to be one of the ones that causes commotion and disrupts the game. As this is not the first, nor second time you have done this, I will give you this warning: Should you continue to disrupt the gameplay, whether through spamming in chat/asay, rdming, and disrespecting our staff, they have my full permission to ban you.
  15. GrimGelo


    Can we just taunt lozza, that scrub
  16. Gotcha. I will discuss this with Chris. I do have the logs and while it does look like you were chatting quite a bit, he might have been a bit quick on the punishments. The logs, however can only tell me so much. I will also be discussing it with other staff and regulars that were on at the time. Either way, I hope you understand that our staff can only go by the logs and responses to reports. Should that not give us solid proof of what happened, we avoid giving punishment. As such, mistakes can be made. We do, however, make an effort to reduce and repair them. Luckily, and I say that w/o the intention of demeaning your situation, you were only banned for an hour. If he did make a mistake, I will try to guide him so that it does not happen again.
  17. I don't know how i feel about this. I know for a fact Meep's back is breeding ground for terrible things. Still, I try to judge...so Ill let it slide. Anywho, good to have you as part of the community.
  18. Oh damn...I don't know about this guy...seems like a liar to me
  19. love the picture. Here are some of tacos: http://supercentral.co/forums/topic/2009-the-nudes-of-an-owner-known-as-itaco/
  20. Prolonging the time you can speak leaves us quite open to spammers. I can sorta see where you're coming from, but it causes more issues than in solves. We had longer times before and it was, honestly, awful. Either way, we want to teaching people or guiding them over chat unless its something minor because then the voice chat just gets crowded and loud. Text chat is usually your best option here. You can also privately message people using the cmd "!p username text." I can try to see if unlocking staffs limiter would help, but like I said...then it just gets loud and overbearing. Increased voice chat based on points or rank is a no go. Its too easy for spammers to get their hands on. As for more player models, I'm assuming you mean in TTT. The reason we don't the variety in there that we do in other servers like prop hunt is due to it being a non-download server. In order to reduce the time it takes to load in, we've removed anything that would be a download on the users' ends. The player models that we have are straight from the main game, so they don't cause the downloads. Same goes for any materials or accessories.
  21. bruh, stairs are for chumps, I get around my house via slip n' slides
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