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  1. Thankyou for the welcome. Im in the sacramento area. I grew up in Indio ca born and raised. Moved up here in 2000. Been here since. Also there is no one who plays on the server near by me lol.
  2. Heya, My names BaconBakin Ppl in the real lifes call me Indy for short. Im 22 and in northern Cali. #SC4Lyfe lol Anyways I just joined the server a month ago. Been lookin for a good server to play on and found this server to be the bestest in the whole wide WORLD!! aside from the tacobootyclap.gif. Anyways I like to play gmod and work on cars. Also like to race. Just hmu when im on to play. I play mostly prophunt but am starting to play ttt. Peace!!
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