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  1. I'm happy to announce that we are releasing 3 new CSGO servers! KZ/Climb IP: superkz.game.nfoservers.com:27015 KZ/Climb Server Information 1v1 Arenas IP: super1v1.game.nfoservers.com:27015 1v1 Arenas Server Information Pug/Scrim IP: superscrim.game.nfoservers.com:27015 Pug/Scrim Server Information We have a forum section setup for the CSGO servers as well. Any thoughts, questions, or comments you have can be posted there! Thanks everyone!
  2. Kevin: STEAM_0:1:4223703 Synestive: STEAM_0:1:16785787 Derick: STEAM_0:0:12882417 Abi: STEAM_0:0:10108341 edit: added Abi
  3. Like a 2v2 aim duels on cs or something
  4. if that "maintenance" means the cost of someone else coming over and doing it themselves, i'm down.
  5. Setting up all those notifications and stream overlays are pretty simple once you figure it out. I'll make a guide on how if enough people want it.
  6. kevin

    Hey :3

    Don't you mean "Always nice to meet a fellow lunatic"
  7. Ya, but I beat your longjump. I'm kind of a big deal
  8. "ay you got a joint?" "no?" "it'd be a lot cooler if you diiiddd.."
  9. 1. I'm Central U.S. time so around evenings, of course only if you aren't using it 2. I'll probably use it occasionally until you tell me to stop 3. I absolutely will not sell your skins. Plus any skin above $3 would need a phone confirmation as seen here, even if I somehow did the money would be in your account. And of course I wouldn't be able to trade away your skins either due to the Steam Guard Confirmations as well. 4. I can get it as high as you would like
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