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  1. sorry for the late responce but notes hosted this weeks but i have made a dedicate super central rabb.it if you still want to join today its https://www.rabb.it/TakeNotes how ever next week we will be using https://rabb.it/SCmovienight
  2. Supercentral Movie Night Every Wednesday Time 7pm (EST) https://rabb.it/SCmovienight Every week week will vote on a genre IE: (Comedy,Horror,B-movie,Action,etc) Once a genre is selected we can decide on the movie to view. Once a movie has been decided upon, one of our staff will host the movie on rabb.it on the day of the event (If a theme does not appear that you are interested in just post it.) To Kick off the fist movie night i'll leave to board open to discussion about the Genre and Movie Suggestions. Next movie night will be held on Wed, 5/31 https://rabb.it/SCmovienight Movie Selected will be Speed Racer
  3. I know i have talked to you about this Kyle I have talked to many others as well. You need to gather proof of any and all actions so that it does not end up as a he said she said situation. Screen shots, Transcript what ever it may be. I'll be on later tonight and talk to you to see whats up
  4. i will look in to this, im sorry for the inconvenience. i will be speaking to reimu to see if he has any proof of the incident
  5. i have the day off tomorrow and wed, if a times gets decided let me know so i can work it in to me scheduled i have errands that need to be ran
  6. I pmd you after hearing multiple complaints directed toward you. i wanted to put an end to what ever situation was causing the complaints by issuing a warning from me not them . as for the later pm after your time in silents. i was just asking you what keeps you here, as you were what i can best describe as " actively not playing" almost like putting your self on time out as you hide in one corner of the map crow baring a wall till the round ends. if your not going to play the game what is keeping you here?
  7. i remember this night in question as well. both story's check out where grim was killed by exotic. and as mentioned it was over grim not id'ing a body 1 second after it had happened.this wanst an issue to me per say rdms happen but it was what happened after grim chose no to forgive the rdm in the manager that the real issue happened. after the round continuing into the next round exotic started to argue with grim over how his rdm was justified and while there was no yelling from either party exotic was being disrespectful to staff basically stating he was going ignore our rules and rdm any one that didn't id a body. i have no beef with exotic for his rdm but how he argued with staff and had 0 regard for our rulling. it was very clear that there was no point and arguing with him any longer and he needed some time away to cool off.
  8. UPDATE: confrontations between furis is same as risk rules who ever rolls the higher number wins its not like i though be fore were with d&d you roll for initiative
  9. UPDATE : you can be a furi brony now its called "AHpony"
  10. first you need a class you can pick a class form d&d user manual still unsure of which edition or pick a Inter net browser now youre almost done you can even pick you own colors you now need a class and a job you can pick palidin, bard, ranger, ect eventually when you lvl up you can pick to use fire bolts or lightning me personally i choose to be a Chocodial mage specializing in water based attacks hope this helped guys leme know what classes yopu chose in the comments below
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