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  1. ok ur right... soo... Throw that into there... then.. someone please explain.. our we cheating if we are all married to eachother?!?!!?
  2. Well first let me ask... who is "Anybody,." and has he done anything wrong? Secondly...I think everyone has this forum missread... syn asked if u could ban "Anybody,." well... It depends what he did wrong... and if this kid is older then 15 and has droped his balls yet... If he sounds like a little kid then i say BAN HIM! i hait anoying little CT's who get on here and talk with this REALLY high pitch voice. Very Anoying. But on other hand... they are pretty funny to abuse and watch cry!! LOL
  3. So far im married to... Owned.... And... syn? and Syn is married to Owned... and Owned is married to me... ISnt that Awesome!! its a big circle... We are all married to eachother... is that possible... is it cheating if im married to owned... and owned is married to syn.. and im married to syn as well.. would own be cheating on me? or because im married to syn it wouldnt be cheating??? hmmm ? ? ? P.S. Syn, Owned... We Are married... i have the court papers!!!!
  4. Lol haha! it wasnt just a minute... it was a minute and 5 seconds... and besides only maybe 10 seconds of it was actually video! <3 Sup bmann! (Idea... We should start a community in ESEA for people who have it they can all join the Super Central Esea Scrim Team)
  5. Sorry i must have miss spelled it... never was good at spelling... just playing sports and makin fun of geeks :-) lol <3 im sure u can figure it out.. u put on to be a smart guy. use ur context clues or well i dunno if thats even spelled right. oh well. lol
  6. Well since it got deleted again here is the last part of the story like any cares or not lol i dont care if ya'll care or not im posting! LOL If syn is on i like to go to random servers and make kids and quite. My obj. is to clear out a 20 man pub so me and syn can one on one So thats me and what i like to do. <3 Badshot aka The New guy... and if i told you my real name u might or because you cant pernounce my last name! So Heres to SuperCentral and The Future of gaming!! Josh Hauger From TN,Ky The Hills of Tennerrsee...WTF ARE THESE NUMBERS IN THIS VENT!!! I dont have to Pee wtf? Damn hackers stole my vent!
  7. because it doesnt happen often.When i see owned is online i Then when owned syn derick and kitty all on i When Owned aces I give him a But when he baites me to do so i
  8. Yo i wasnt trying to do it on purpose... not trying to get on a bad start... and another thing is if u read it.. my emotions i put in there wasnt able to fit into one top so i had to... so if u think i was doing it on purpose to up my thread count... well ur wrong. i wasnt. Not to be a dick.. just trying to tell a story and u delted it.. like i said again.... i wasnt trying to up my posts... just trying to tell a story... u may add three to my post count b4 i get admin so it will cancel those out if u want too.. now can i post my full story i was trying to tell?
  9. Hello Im Badshot, Aka The New guy... I like to Hide the in Random places and Then When people try to find it.... I Like to and then Stare at the computer screen like wtf When you shoot me in the face im more then likely going to.......... For me to finish my story please reply.... I have to many emotions to be posted
  10. Sounds like u have a lack of fuel... if ur having to rev it up to keep it going... or u could have too much air geting to it or not enough it is a 98, so if anything is wrong with it... the check engine light should have came on. Do what bman said and take it to ur local part store almost all parts stores offer free check engine light checks (it helps them get u to buy there product) but dont think u have to buy the part u need from them.
  11. Badshot

    Map Suggestions

    How about a Mcdonals playground map... one that has all the playground equipment on it.. just go to ur local mcdonals and look at there playground and imitate it into cs. make it a ka map
  12. Shake and BAKE! Thats all i have to say! Oh and.... you gotta love speed so... All Fast and Furious movies
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