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  1. Hey y'all, Counter-strike: Global Offensive $3.74 for the next 20 hours.
  2. Only other person who might make it would be Ixion. Y'all should meet up! Get some coffee... if ya know what I mean
  3. RedRobster


    What's up? Good to have you aboard!
  4. I actually asked my bro to remake USP ninjas for CS:GO, although I'm pretty sure he's completely forgotten about it
  5. Sooo.. I was just chilling in my apartment. And then I someone just banned me. It's like a 62 day ban. I didn't even do anything. The admin was Syn. I'm pretty sure he was cheating and being disrespectful about my mom's mom. Need to remove his admin! Unbana please.
  6. I REMEMBER YOU! (I THINK). YES IS DO! How're you?
  7. Let's just say I know how to put wards up and I don't feed.
  8. I mostly play DotA2, my mmr is 1500 trash, but I'm more of a 1600 player. Got into a bad slump of games and then just stopped once my teammates didn't know what a lane was.
  9. HA! 1800. Okay. I'll bring the skill down a decent amount.
  10. We definitely have 5 on a decent amount of the time, it'd be awesome if we could start using the server to do some IRC 10 mans or even try to get 10 from the community. Definitely something I'm down for.
  11. If this is serious, and you want the best songs, I got em for you. JUST KIDDING! HERE Y'ALL GO! BREAK OUT YO JUMP SKIP ROPES http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3OiCYNDNV9k
  12. DG HoN? Send me your username. Wiggerlord or RedRobster is mine because I'm good.
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