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  1. woohoo snowing

    i had off all last week, and its suppose to snow AGAIN tonight and tomorow night
  2. Need MW2 players

    im getten MW2 tommorow with my new years cash is the controls and stuff like cs ? I have mw2 on xbox but thats it
  3. Happy Chinese New Year!!!

    im viet too xD good thing about this i got $90 out of it
  4. Fun Riddle.

    SO there is a fox, a chicken, and popcorn All 3 must cross to the other side of the lake in a boat safely. Only one animal can go at a time. If the fox is taken over the chicken will eat the popcorn. if the popcorn is taken over the fox will eat the chicken. The fox does not like the popcorn so he wont eat it. How will all 3 get to the other side safely?
  5. tnguyen

    i guess so hahahah
  6. Gucci got jacked

    what bandai said.
  7. tnguyen

    Whats up guys, the names tommy, been playing on SC servers a lot lately. I turn 14 in 2 weeks, im from south philly
  8. Gucci got jacked

    yea and something more special, hes going to get his computer jacked up. We have him on a black list where a bunch of hackers will screw up with him and possibly deleting his motherboard.
  9. Gucci got jacked

    Heres the story: -My dumbass 12 year old friend wasn't really my find so i thought i could trust him. he told me to go on this website to watch him beat up a kid. Well, I went on the website like a dumbass i did, signed in, 2 minutes later. (Some has been logged in from another destination). Well, he tried to change my password but the kid fails, cuz my account was verified. ell instead he sent everyone on my friends list a message. After that,he signed off. I went back on, sent everyone a message not to go on it. Well, my brother and aother friend also got hacked. But than the 12 year old kid was being a prick and wouldnt give it back unless someone bought him ESEA. After that no one bought him ESEA but we got his IP. Soon later my brother and a friend of mine got hacked also. After that the 12 year old kid decided to give my friend's account back but not my brother. The password to my friend's account that got jacked the 12 year old kid changed that password to ownage1. My brother tried the same password. it was ownage1. so i told gucci try the password ownage1. and their you go he got his account back. Plenty of my friends got this message, i personally hate people who steal other people accounts just to look cool and take advantage.

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