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  1. Seeing as how retarded people are on the internets, i'm going to build myself a nice phishing site. + extra kudos for knowing SQL and cross-site injection so the domain will look legitimate as well.
  2. It's not 119.99 as newegg says (79.99), but free shipping and 15.00 off. Not a bad deal. Offer here: Click here for Newegg link
  3. I stopped caring about healthcare years ago.
  4. Syn is giving free blow jobs. Bandai is giving free rim jobs. Herrokittay is giving free moustache rides.
  5. Please leave the forums.
  6. That's Bandai's brother from another mother.
  7. Start looking on newegg, brotha.
  8. A shoutbox will be the closest to it on the front end of the site. We need less clutter on our forums.
  9. Log on IRC if you'd like to chat.
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