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  1. Dxn817 David Nguyen I love him just enough for this game. ..
  2. nice welcome back, I don't think I ever met you before though .
  3. Yes, I got banned like 6 times from SYOPS. "Hacking" when I just used my sound better than them , but I didn't really mind. I am doing great! , halfway through finishing my BBA degree!
  4. Hi I am Dxn817. I used to go by Krazy, Darkangel, ?!? I don't remember. I played a lot of 1.6, and I know dG` pretty well (around 12 years, met him on a SuperHero server in 1.6!) Also played in the SC servers for a while when it was still alive for 1.6, was fun. He referred me here as well.
  5. Thanks LeviN! I hope we become good friends!
  6. Haha, I will try to be active as I can be like everytime I get on, I'll be sure to go here and post
  7. Hello! My friend DarkGod wanted me to become a member and to test things because I play alot of Mods! Anyways my real name is David Nguyen. I want to be helpful to this community and enjoy Counter-Strike as much as all of you guys.
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