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  1. You should definetly go to the carribean and more towards southern america. Don't come to the states cus they are garbage. My mom wanted to plan a trip to Italy this summer but I really doubt its going to happen.
  2. Well there was a fire in front of my building here in new york last weekend. It burned down 8 stores one of them being a liquor store. I got to see the fire on the roof of my building and it was so bad i actually felt like waves of heat hitting me in the face. It was intense. It started just a bit before 10am and they didnt put it out till like 2 pm. It was a crazy experience
  3. Wait what happened I saw him fly off. But i couldnt tell if he either got really hurt or died. What exactly happened?
  4. This is infact partially true. I dont get cold easily but the snow does make me cold.
  5. LOL I'm gonna have to agree. But Welcome back!
  6. These headphones look cool but im not sure about having both a mic and headphones. It could be a consideration. Im most likely going to stick with sennheisers since ive been satisfied with their products. I was looking earbud wise the cx400-ii for my ipod and stuff. As a headset option i was looking at the pc 151s. Tell me what you think of those. If you get a chance to look at the 151s. I probably didnt read well but does it plug in through a usb or sound card? which one would you say is better? I saw that the pc 300 G4MEs go into ur sound card but does that mean that when i plug it into my ipod i'll have one jack not plugged into anything?
  7. HEll yes thank the snow! even though it gets disgusting after a while but i had no school cause of it yesterday! =)
  8. I want earbuds and im considering getting a headset. I wanted to wait on that until I got a new computer but it looks like that isnt any time soon Im not sure. I owned a pair of sennheiser cx400. I enjoyed not being able to hear squat on the train and the quality of the music was great but a big issue was the cable length. I had to wrap it around my neck to get somewhat comfortable and to keep the long cable from pulling them down out of my ears. Oh and skullcandy sucks balls. I've had about 4 or 5 of them and they end up breaking so easily from either being in my pocket or getting caught in something and being pulled and just tossed around. There are much better headphones out there than skullcandy.
  9. Well I recently lost my sennheisers (im sure i mispelled it) earbuds and now Im looking for a replacement. I want to spend at most eighty dollars if not a bit more on new ones and i wanted to see what anyone can recommend since i dont know much about headphones and all I care about is getting to listen to some good quality music from my ipod. SO what headphones should i get?
  10. Fatboy


    This map is hella cool I got a little tour of it a couple if not last night (i dont remember). I think with a kz and a dr and a random race it'll be great but i have no idea how it all works. Maybe we should give it a run in our jb server see how people critique it but again i honestly dont know how it all works out. Props for ecko because he did an impressive job on it.=)
  11. What ever happened to meow? And apology accepted. Just chill out come vent and scrim with us and post relatively good or productive ideas/comments. You'll be fine just relax
  12. What every little kid wants when they grow up. Aww man 7 how can you do this! Nah its cool go do what you gotta do.
  13. I must say I am very good at eating large sums of food and at math =)
  14. As a child, Courage the Cowardly Dog Now, True Blood
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