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  1. Lawl, touche senor. (Too lazy to get the accents and ~ things). Ummm...What is with everyone being stupid enough to put their REAL Steam usernames and passwords in websites?
  2. Frog lol, I just noticed that. I think Syn and Se7en broke up (Se7en is from Canada and that's where Jim is...it never would have worked out). And for me...I've got my Octopus' garden in the shade. (Beatles reference for any noobs who don't listen to good music).
  3. What is with everyone getting hacked recently? Wave of stupidity has swept across the planet.
  4. YAMI IS A FLAMING HOMOSEXUAL WHO LIKES TF2!!!! GOAL!!! Haha. It was a good game. Fun to watch.
  5. LOL This --> <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Explains everything
  6. LOLOL! Carl!!! Don't put your fro there! It's inappropriate!
  7. Haha, I'm 1/4 Scottish, 1/4 Italian, and 1/2 American
  8. Isn't "Scottish" technically British? Or is that Irish?
  9. LOL.! You didn't post this on the SYOPS forums so they've had one person log onto the link and get their account hacked as well. Dodgeball I believe was the name of the hacked.
  10. I would ban Syn, so that he would spend more time planting the damn trees!
  11. LOL. And Bmann would manage to be -5 points on his last CS session
  12. That's an albino, a very rare species of Asian. Not very common, but sighting one is apparently a HUGE deal.
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