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  1. Shadow

    Back again

    Haha thanks. And yea, back from AoC days....looooong time ago.
  2. Shadow

    Back again

    Ahhhh I was moving about. I started going to college again, so I am just sitting around. Figured I'd play CS. And @Asspounder Nice to see you again too man!
  3. Shadow

    Back again

    Hey guys, Shadow here I am going to be playing some more now. Hope to see you guys on.
  4. 08/06 ... Usa dropped bombs on Hiroshima on this day..
  5. Lol hit them up, I could try to keep up with them and I love to play with some really skilled people.
  6. If anyone is serious about winning this, then I am in.
  7. @ sophoney I am moving back to college. Up in Ada, Ohio. Anyone that knows where that is (besides in the middle of 50 miles of cornfields) gets free cookies from cookie monster
  8. I am currently moving. I'll be on more in a week.
  9. 1. I wish I could have seen fronz post, cuz I am sure I would have had about the same reaction as skinnie there. 2. Sophoney, Lets play nice now :-( 3. Hey pew pew, nice to see you on the forums man.
  10. Shadow

    Hiya :D

    Hey syn, seen you around, you a good guy, and glad to see you're on the forums!
  11. Shadow


    Hey deagle, seen you around, played with you on CT before I believe and you know the JB rules. So its nice to see you post on the forums. Hope to see you on the servers some more.
  12. Shadow

    oh hi

    I am just going to go back to the topic of introduction here for a sec. Hey Kor. I've seen you around, you're a good player, and welcome.
  13. Shadow


    Oh yea haha, forgot that part.
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