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  1. ah, you and your banhammer.
  2. Lol for the tie. Looks like a Canadian player likes to pick his boogers.
  3. Uhm just gonna say I won't be on much ORRY! 'Kinda' have been Busy trying to lose fckin massive weight( already lost -8 ), being with the guy some you miss.. DEWECK (you fags keep tellin me you miss him alot.. get off his dick ) school starts in May (when it starts I won't have a life for the first 3 months.. I will sleep, eat, school, study, eat, shit, sleep, repeat) Just to let you guys know for now.. May-July/August I probably won't even touch my steam account cause of school.. Nor will I see derick! QQ. But this will be for a little while. I'll be ingame here and there. Ojeez getting off topic. I don't even know what's happening but I will definetley be playing in SC servers 95% of the time if it's not esea! Lol. I love cs and don't plan on playing any other games honestly, this SEMI-leave is not forever if anyone cares! I'll be back ingame/invent more often in a month or two.. maybe three. Lol jk. Iono if this is a phaze but yeah. Kthanks! See you little sausage boys when I see you! I loveee SC!
  4. Ice hockey is so lame. I LIKE to watch swim. Men in ponties oyez
  5. 5 dicks attached to my body betch. They're all huge, fat, and wide. wrap around my waist down to my legs son!
  6. Well, between me and tweedle.. I APPARENTLY have 5 dicks
  7. It amazes me how you do with your lag. You deserve cupcakes ^therefore i care
  8. Well well well. Yippy kai yay then partna
  9. I thought I'd lure people instead of scaring them off! LOL afterall I don't have a penis If so, Lurkers, you should sign up! Por favor
  10. Whatever happened to signing on so SC can get more sponsors or w/e. Something Billy said in that one big meeting. Anywho I see like 12 people as guests.. ALOT and see that right now. So whoever you are. Sign the fck on and stop hiding
  11. Okay so this is weird.. it happened to me when I was playing at dericks house who BTW is suffering without a computer and when I got home, I signed on and I somehow still had my friends? But iono my friends list is gone at his house but here at home it's still there.. lol
  12. At first I was like.. what's so funny? Two seconds later I saw.. then I lawled.
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