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    wow I thought we were getting married
  2. Promotions/demotions are an internal matter and aren't up for public discussion. Any staff abuse reports should be PM'd to Admins. If you've been wrongfully banned then post an unban request. Locked.
  3. Promotions/demotions are an internal matter and aren't up for public discussion. Locked.
  4. Harassment of any player on the server (including staff, of course), is not allowed. This is very clearly stated in our rules. You shouldn't even need to be warned about this as it is as straightforward as it gets.
  5. The staff involved have responded and tried to be reasonable. It should be clear by now that the slay was warranted because of the reasons stated by our staff members. If you have an issue with a specific staff member possibly abusing their powers, then please screenshot or record what it is that they do that would not be in line with staff policy. You may then contact an Admin who will help you out with making sure the staff member gets reprimanded if needed. This thread has served its purpose and will now be locked.
  6. Yami abusing Synestive every time he was on was great back on jailbreak
  7. I need the Steam IDs of everyone signed up
  8. Message me for Taco nudes, $5/pic $50/vid

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      Ill take the vid ;)

  9. Details: Date: March 17th, 18th Time: 5PM EST Location: US Servers Maps: TBD Requirements: Must have been a member of SC for 2 months. Players are asked to be in the discord - https://discord.me/gccofficial Players must be in the Discord 30 minutes before their match begins Rules: No cheats, exploits, glitching, or 3rd party tools that give you an unfair advantage over other players. No ghosting Do not be disrespectful No sexual harassment of players Do not be racist or use racist terms No mic or text chat spam No advertising other communities events No name impersonation of anyone. Roster: Player 1 - Synestive Player 2 - Kevin Player 3 - Nasty Player 4 - derrick Player 5 - levin Sub 1 - SpicySalsa Sub 2 - HerroKittay/Abi So, we currently have 4 spots open. 2 for players as well as 2 subs in case somebody can't make it. Please reply below with your CSGO rank if you're interested!
  10. Our affiliate, Gaming Community Central, is hosting a 7 day bhop event, open for all our community members! The GCC Bhop Event will contain 7 different maps, playing one map per day. This event will determine the best bhoppers of GCC. Played on a 128 tick server, no stamina, and with bTimes 2.0 ranking, From March 11th to 18th, the bhoppers will compete in various maps chosen prior to the game. The participants will not be notified of the map list. The match will go throughout the entire day, with breaks in between. Random prize of $10 for a random person who competes on atleast one map. The winning prize will be $15, and every 50 members registered it will rise by $5, capping at $40. After you have registered, the server will be open for 24 hours for all registered members to play in. They will be able to play as much / as little as they want. The player that has the shortest time wins. Every 6 hours, the current standing record will be broadcasted over twitter. How to join Join the discord below, and run the command !whitelist (Your STEAMID here). You will be entered into the competition! https://discord.gg/eWya9A3 These rules must be adhered to.
  11. This should be obvious but some people don't seem to realize this: Do NOT reply to any threads on this board if it's not related to the case. You will be punished. This is your only warning.
  12. Sounds like that would be a silly rule. You're welcome to post the link to your Steam profile, of course.
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