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  1. Yami is my favorite, guy is ripped and eats at the best restaurants.
  2. Synestive


    Taco is illegally in our country but nobody here is complaining
  3. Lul this topic is starting to go the wrong direction. Stick to discussing rule suggestions/changes/additions/clarifications before it gets locked. If you want to insult each other go do it over voice client or 1v1 each other in Minecraft.
  4. Good for you to reflect on your actions and resolve them with yourself and the community. Mistakes will teach you to have better judgement, as well as getting others opinions.
  5. Really cool feature as well that being mentioned in a topic plays a sound to notify you. So many positive things to say about this new upgrade.
  6. Looks really nice. Is there any way we can get a dark theme mode and possibly that "Most Recent or Hottest" topics back that used to show up on the far right? I know I can filter by "unread content" but... Other than that I have nothing to complain about looks great and I prefer this layout.
  7. Under your profile you should be able to see how much time you have spent online.
  8. And he would do this through HLSW so there wasn't even a name associated with who was spamming shoop da woop on me everytime I would respawn. Yami was a bully but he was my bully so I still love him But hell yeah I used to abuse everybody when I would get in the jailbreak servers, but that was because everybody loved that. People would beg you to slap them into oblivion or make them light up red or whatever stupid thing they could think of. It made people feel special from the admins and was fun from my perspective as well.
  9. Move over to Fortnite its a better game than pubg
  10. I prefer those thin oreos as opposed to double stuff tbh, the double stuff have too much cream for me.
  11. Here are the screenshots from our two matches that we lost including the scoreboard. Game 1: https://steamuserimages-a.akamaihd.net/ugc/930430318784503269/2621325968F91E641BD4DD4D28671278307688A5/ Game 2: https://steamuserimages-a.akamaihd.net/ugc/930430318784704440/2DD6D568A289046AF6761D2B084BDC315B80C7B2/ GG to everybody who participated!
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