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      I've been made aware that people are having issues receiving emails from us. Please make sure you check your Spam/Junk folder. I have made some changes to the Mail Configuration that will hopefully resolve some of the issues. If you continue to have issues, please DM me on Discord


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  1. Old Prophunt

  2. Unban request

    Not sure what that really proves. Even the CSGO video looks suspicious as hell. Never seen someone run up overpass with such confidence.
  3. Is it bad that im cutting myself?

    To add onto this, I work in health care and deal with many patients who suffer from many different illnesses that may cut themselves for different reasons. I hope this honestly is not a joke and that if you are, you can definitely reach out to me or use the provided hotlines that Micah has provided. Link: https://supercentral.co/forums/topic/2966-suicide-hotlines-for-staffusers/?tab=comments#comment-24423
  4. Sentinels Introduction

    Hello, welcome to the forums!
  5. Flytraps Ban Appeal :(

    Temporarily unbanned by me. This is your final warning.
  6. Flytraps Ban Appeal :(

    Rules also say any higher up has the discretion to decide what punishment is to be provided for COUNTLESS abuse or acts that affect the game environment and players. Now that more proof has been provided in reports, shown by some staff, and with an overview of your behavior (even on these forums), the ban stays. You were warned multiple times. Ban is 1 full week. Continued disrespect will have its cause and effect.
  7. Flytraps Ban Appeal :(

    He's posted screenshots of where you're blatantly being disrespectful to staff and players. I understand the circumstances of having a little fun, but this was way more than that. As for abusing powers, there is nothing I see regarding that, but causing trouble surely shows with your response. Sorry bud, you're gonna have to live out the one week ban unless the original person who banned you wishes to shorten your ban.
  8. New update breaks my steam

    Let us know if it ended up working or if you need more help troubleshooting the issue
  9. New update breaks my steam

    Verify cache in your settings and see if that works.
  10. Suicide Hotlines for Staff/Users

    Sorry for the late response but hey man, taking a look at it is a big step in its own. I always believe therapy or even speaking to someone can alleviate the thoughts or help in the long run. Got one life to live, make the best of it and enjoy it
  11. Doesn't show them directly, it lists a message that asks them to type "/rules" or "/motd" without forcing them to do so. This helps those who want to change and view the rules and also helps us admins distinguish who is willing to understand and abide and those who don't.
  12. Although I'm sure its against server policy to force players to an agreement (or it was for Half-life 1 games). So sadly we cannot implement that. What I am saying is, they can get slayed for rdm, and if they do, there is a command that comes up with a server message saying something like "Type /motd to view server rules and RDM" or something specific for each slay reasoning. As for bans and kicks, we can refer them to the website.
  13. Most common issue people have is that they skip the motd and rush into the server. We can still have an /motd command where they can refer to. Nothing to force upon them though.
  14. Interesting. We could have our regulars message the new players and teach them what its all about. Or a message box that they can type in for a command that will explain the whole concept of things
  15. Super smash bros ultimate thoughts

    I'm excited. I still plat the classic on the Nintendo 64

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