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  1. Officially on a Hiatus

    Cherish those moments! Enjoy
  2. What are these staff doing?

    Well it seems like ThatMLGDude just wants to see you slay yourself Math2718 and from hearing from both staff and everyone else involved in this, it is safe to say that when you're both online, I'd suggest that you slay yourself in the beginning of the round for making up the time that you should of slain yourself during that time period. As for SpicySalsa, phenomenal responses and great execution on fairness. Props to you.
  3. It's going to be a tough match since a lot of these guys play this game much more often than majority of us. Practice will definitely help out a lot
  4. Won't be around for the date but good luck to everyone competing!
  5. CSGO!

    That is insane, teach me your ways It is true! But we could bring it back like we did for cs 1.6
  6. CSGO!

    Hey. Just a simple question, anyone hear besides a couple of OGs play CS:GO? And if so, throw down your steam ids and times so we can all meet up for some games, pugs, scrims, etc
  7. Read up on the update today and it looks like a lot of plugins were broken because of the updates. I'm sure the owners/mods/etc. are aware and will be fixing it soon.
  8. Never Actually Wanted To Do This

    Do you play other games besides GMod?
  9. Just going to put this here as well. Another thread regarding any staff demotion will lead to a ban from here on out. Want to discuss it or deal with it? Contact an administrator or moderator. Second, any staff being disrespectful to players on these forums on relevant topics or bashing each other will also lead to a ban. This applies to staff and forum members. Let me not remind you again that you guys are a representative of this community.
  10. Back again with another post *sighs*

    Yup, love it
  11. Funny Staff Stories

    I remember back in the day in our cs 1.6 days, we just started the community and we would constantly go into most of our popular servers such as jailbreak and abuse the crap out of each other. We had this one plugin that would slap you into oblivion and then kill you (100+ slaps)
  12. Poll For Maps That Were Removed To Come Back

    Find out and maybe we can consider throwing it in the map rotations
  13. GCC CSGO 5v5 Tournament

    We lost our last two matches. But we had fun and made the most of it
  14. GCC CSGO 5v5 Tournament

    https://challonge.com/GCC5v5 For anyone that want's to see our progress on the boards

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