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  1. Midget-Porn-Addiction... Sorry
  2. Yeah, I'll be on here somewhat often now
  3. Hey guys.. It's me, Sytec/Dakota I've been MIA for a few months now because.. I'm going through a hard Booty time.. Girlfriend of 3 years, we split up.. I'm trying hard to get back with her.. I'm trying to focus on school (it's a bitch).. Also I'm constantly at the gym I'm trying to get a job, that's not working out to well.. Going to have another fight scheduled here soon in Redding, California. I have just been busy as hell.. In the next 2 years I should be in a 4-Year university, along with doing Fitness Modeling Soo yeah miss you guys haha.. Soonish I'll probably hop on and Frog shit up with my shotty blasts
  4. So, this is going to be my Spring 2014 Semester. I Might drop my Math Class.. Being how I'm a dumbshit in that area & I'm currently not passing my math class I'm taking right now.. (Possibly due to how he teaches... Smh) Soo.. Yeah this is just incase you happen to give a Frog TermSpring 2014 Total Registered Credits: 18.00 Course Name and Title Status Meeting Information Creds CEUs Pass Aud Start Date MATH-120-D5457 (035457) Intermediate Algebra New 01/21/2014-05/15/2014 Lecture and/or Discussion Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 03:40PM - 04:45PM, Del Norte Main Bldg, Room 15 Units: 4.00 ENGL-1A-D5490 (035490) Analytical Reading & Writing New 01/21/2014-05/15/2014 Lecture and/or Discussion Tuesday, Thursday 05:15PM - 07:20PM, Del Norte Main Bldg, Room 34 4.00 PSYCH-1-D5469 (035469) General Psychology New 01/22/2014-05/14/2014 Lecture and/or Discussion Monday, Wednesday 05:15PM - 06:40PM, Del Norte Main Bldg, Room 29 Units: 3.00 BIOL-1-D5471 (035471) General Biology New 01/18/2014-05/16/2014 Lecture and/or Discussion Tuesday, Thursday 10:05AM - 11:30AM, Del Norte Main Bldg, Room 29 01/18/2014-05/16/2014 Laboratory/Studio/Activity Thursday 12:30PM - 03:40PM, Del Norte Main Bldg, Room 26 Units: 4.00 ART-17-D5491 (035491) Basic Drawing New 01/22/2014-05/14/2014 Lecture/Lab Monday, Wednesday 08:30AM - 11:40AM, Del Norte Student, Room 1 Units: 3.00
  5. Sytec


    I wish I could buy it atm, My account is locked from buying because I used a different card... Smh
  6. Sytec

    gaming pc

    Before.. Before! You do anything/Buy anything, I highly suggest going to https://teksyndicate.com/forum/build-pc do alot of research there, they are top computer wiz's there, also you can learn quiet a bit from the forums there. He has a youtube channel aswel, showing you what to buy for a certain price range. I hope this helped
  7. I got a drop.. lol Last Round of the Final Game, I got a P250 - Metallic Factory New
  8. Someone loves their Corsair's
  9. Hey everyone!, I' haven't done an introduction yet, since I haven't; sadly no one knows me. My name is Dakota. I've played Counter-Strike.. Since well the last beta came out I believe, but I didn't play much at all, I started back up in playing when 1.6 came out, Few years later I became addicted to 1.6. Becoming friends with new people left and right. Then I stop playing for a while and forget my Username/Password. I've done that sooo many times. Uhmm Currently I'm enrolled as a full time college student going for a Health & Fitness degree, not so sure what exactly I want to be but it'll be along that area. While doing that I'm trying to obtain 195 lbs and 5% body fat. Once I obtain that I'm going to try to Model / WBFF (Like Arnold Schwarzenegger did, Similar to BodyBuilding) Uhmmmm trying to give my all to you guys so you know more about me lol. Been in a relationship for 2 years now, I like it. & Yeah big time gamer here! + Big sports/athletic person here!
  10. I play: Old School Runescape CS:GO CS 1.6 ------------- Usual Available Times (Pacific): Tuesday&Thursday: 7Pm Usually Free on Fridays - Sundays Buuttt, Within those days I'll be doing a shit ton of College work so yeah can't be on for an extreme amount like the good ol' days -Dakota -Sytec
  11. Okayy! I'm mad at you all! I only have 3 members from SC on my steam friends... I would have more if I didn't forget my info to all my other steam profiles.. But that's 3 out of like 8 friends! So start adding mehhh! I'm awesome and I'm apparently decent at CS:GO ask Kevin > Steam: Im_Sytec
  12. Just wanted to know people's opinions, and Btw, You can download widows 8.1 for free if you have windows 8 already, it's alot better.
  13. BudaBoooop - Add me on Steamm! "Im_Sytec"

  14. Alrighty Guys an' Gals, Ladies n' Gents, Males n' Females, and Boys n' Girls. I now have a little more controversial topic to discuss this time. Apple Air/Apple Tablets vs. Microsoft Surface 2 (I mainly need for College but I would also just like to enjoy having it.) Pros for Apple Stuff: I like the cover you can get to make it barely sit up but perfect for typing on. The App Store (Lots & Lots of Apps & Seems like there are only makers for that app store compared to other app stores) iWork App. + More, can't think off top of my head. Pros for the Microsoft Surface 2: That Keyboard Tho!!! Kickstand Microsoft Office SkyDrive Connected W/ Xbox Interface (Windows 8.1) +More I also can't think off the top of my head. Okayyy so in your opinions, I would like to see which one you all would prefer and for what reasons, Thanks
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