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  1. Introduction This post will list the Rules, Guidelines and General Expectations of ALL staff members on the Semi-Serious Dark RP Server. It is very important that you read and obey these rules for the success of the server. Any comments or concerns should be directed to the Server Managers Totti or Duckyy. Rules, Expectations, and Guidelines As staff members on the Semi-Serious Dark RP server you are the first people players will look to for help. With that being said, you should always be mindful and thoughtful of others. One thing that is completely unacceptable is disrespecting other players or staff members, this is something that should never happen at all. No matter if this person is being rude to you, your response should never be the same way. If a player is being disrespectful try to solve the problem in a peaceful manner, as being rude should never happen. Furthermore, any and all staff quarrel should never take place in the server setting, nor Private Messages. If you have have a problem with another staff member please contact: Micah (Micah#2158) Community Human Resources Team Failure to do so may result in further punishments. All arguments between staff members are unnecessary and will not be tolerated. Next, as a staff member when you are on the server you should always help the players. This doesn't mean that you aren't allowed to enjoy the server its self, you are always allowed to play the server yourself and have fun. With that being said, if you are the only staff member on it is highly recommended that you respond to any questions or reports that come in from players. Administration Issues take priority over RP time. Please never leave a player report open. Continuing, you should never have a advantage over a player. You being a staff member does not give you the right to use your powers for unnecessary. With that being said commands such as Noclip, Kick, Ban, Jail, Warn and so on should only be used for administrative purposes. There is not a "Staff On Duty" job on the server so you are allowed to use commands as any RP job, such as Citizen, Swat etc. Anything you see in a sit or while helping a player cannot be used for RP purposes, and everyone should be treated the same way whether that person is your friend or you don't like them. Any reports regarding a staff member should be reported to the highest rank available, preferably Totti or Duckyy. Sits should be done in areas of the map that other players should not have access to. This is pretty much common sense, as you do not and should not have random players interrupting your sit. You can never take your own sit, or a report involving yourself. If you are ever unsure about a rule that has been broken or unsure about anything, PLEASE ASK SOMEONE! Its better to ask someone if you don't know then to just handle it without knowing. Lastly, you should always listen to both sides of the story and check logs. Rules, Expectations, and Guidelines Recap You should not cause any conflict or argue with other players/staff members. This will result in punishment. You should only use your commands for administrative purposes, you should never use your powers to get an advantage. Will result in punishment. You should always be fair and equal with other players, always listen to players because it really helps a lot if they know you care. Report all conflicts, and or staff reports to the highest ranking staff member preferably Totti or Duckyy or Micah(HR) And Honestly, Just have fun i know this sounds really serious but you should always have fun in the process because this is just a game. Punishment System To be short in simple, any minor issues involving a staff member will result in a strike and you may only receive three strikes. Major Violations such as abusing your commands will result in immediate suspension of role and possible ban. Thank You Totti Manager Of Semi-Serious RP
  2. Hello! My name is Zach, although on steam you may see me as Sentinel or Totti. Since I'm very gay I've decided to wake up the dead introduction category? Some Information about me, I've just graduated High School a while ago and am currently two years in college at the University Of South Florida. I'm currently planning to major in International Relations with hopes to someday work in some form of diplomatic position! In case you didn't catch on yet, I currently live in Tampa, Florida. I like to brag because I live where people vacation, although I don't really find Disney all the fun as I've been there dozens of times. I recently also got back into gaming, specifically Garry's mod after something happened in my life, but I was, fortunately, able to come back! Within the game, I really like game modes such as DakRP, some TTT, and even City RP! Within Super Central, you can currently find me on the TTT server! Outside of Gaming, besides going to school, I like to participate in Marching Band and Winterguard! I also play the Baritone and Concert Euphonium!
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