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  1. As i recall i banned you and a two other members for mass rdm and working togther there were at least three to four reports on you alone in one round as i recall. You left as soon as i banned your first friend member then i banned you and then the other staff member that was on at the time banned your last friend.
  2. Alrighty so I first noticed that your Aim was suspiciously on point with body shots and some not many few head shots. Point in facted when you and another player were deagal battling you got a head shot emidly almost as if you locked on to his head when the round stated. Another case was when you sniped someone that was jumping not in a plane sight of view for you. And then the last part when one of the other players started to spc you your aim went from god aim to potato aim. There is a video somewhere I’ll find it and post it here but the upper part of this post is just a brake down of what I saw and in case I can’t find the video. FrogDoggo
  3. Please put this in the right from mat then i will exsplain why you were banned
  4. You were banned for disrespect and abuse of power. Not just for yesterday when you were being disrespectful towards others and staff members not just for that day but for all the other times that you have been. As for not muting or gagging other players that are mean to other those individual I personally have talked to about those actions they have been warned to ton it down and when it starts getting worse I do gag and mute them. And as for the T door thing it wasn’t one person that was doing that there were at least three of them doing it everyone was asked to stop doing it do to it can cause mass chaos on the sever and lead to Ts being caught off guard and getting gun down because of a mistake a T buddy made.
  5. https://i.gyazo.com/7f7cd3b4e9a45135a8034b9527b7a942.png
  6. these are some of the things you said today there's many more examples Most of which are in voice chat or you say them when the staff are alive and you are dead
  7. https://gyazo.com/c187d72f8cf78638496d3b3d6ead7c9e https://gyazo.com/4f600f1344f323de03dedf5cee46d8ed https://gyazo.com/bbeb76e2da0f04d21c8ac92a3cf2c8dd https://gyazo.com/a67d6c49ec8679e80c9daf02a59184cc https://gyazo.com/69be2f6663edc2e907aebfbfce6c284a
  8. Pls reformat this to the right format and ill exsplay why you were banned
  9. Just to throw my opinion in you decided to trun something the staff were doing and truned it into your own RDM fest. You also decided to go after me many times the map before the incend thing happened you you attempted to rdm me and did rdm me as well. This is all I have to say about this ban
  10. On the part about fighting with staff every time you are on. I myself and other cab atested to this as you decide to start fight with staff for a decision that we made. “Calling us stupid for kicking someone on their t round” then dragged on about in the game till one of staff that was on took it to dms. There is also the time that you decide to spam chat and I there for muted you for this action then you stated to spam voice chat to and was gagged. Then when I umuted you and gagged you start to complain that there was no need for that and when ignored you start to false report me. You did this three times in a row. That’s all I can say for the arguing the targeting tho I have seen many examples of you targeting someone. Clara is one that I’ve seen you do most recently. You as the detive would go and kill her if she called a false kos even if the person had either shot her tried to kill someone else or had killed someone else then when you were muted by Clara because you were being a dick to her you continue to take shit about her and continued to get to her and bother her more. (This is all I have for those to things frog)
  11. thats called staff having fun and doing stupid shit to eachother
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