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  1. Yes, very Are you high? I havent been active in this community so I was never up to date
  2. Duckyy left in august? Oof uh wow
  3. Shy your butt? Did you mean he wasnt shy when it came to your b- nvm
  4. Yeah I left Not really I want to come back ;-; someone plz gimme a pc to borrow
  5. Do it. I want this to happen lol
  6. Forums are dead but this place is ded asff cmon guys keep them comin it cant die just yet.
  7. Oh wow you posted this on my bday anyway I left and now the forums are dead lol im not causing drama sooo...
  8. Nooooo give them to meeee My pc is broken tho
  9. I didnt see this because i havent been on the server or forums because as some people know my computer is broken but thanks man
  10. Speaking of dead threads this one was revived but died again lets get this going again Frog me jerry xd sorry its just that sentence is supercalifragilisticexpialidocious
  11. This is the best one yet but the name sounds heheh... little bit weird pls add this one if none else
  12. How did this thread die? #BringItBackToLife! I havent been on the server much but im sure there were some funny moments mwhaha
  13. The new ones are even better I would recommend af... does Pandora actually hold an annual prop killing competition? I want in on this I go to random servers with lots of props just to prop kill mwhaha I will be good on that one. Also what about stalker rounds or a different version of it if there was something wrong with it last time.
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