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  1. How has this not been addressed yet? @GameGalaxy It has been nearly 6 days since I made my appeal. This has been really frustrating.
  2. So what is the status on this appeal? I still can't seem to find any evidence. Seems based on hearsay to me.
  3. About 30 seconds before I was banned, I remember I was messing around and shooting some of the props / the sky. How is that aimbot? That's just ridiculous.
  4. 11 people? Now this is just plain exaggeration. I know for a fact I didn't kill more than 2-3 people. I then proceeded to be innocent for quite a while so not sure what you mean by "competence", why would I kill people on my innocent rounds? The other scenario, I was walking down the middle of the map near the end of the round, heard loud gunshots, and saw Txc Lance escaping from the crime scene when I looked to my left. The only thing that is blatantly obvious is your participation in this witchhunt along with a couple others. Really disgraceful.
  5. Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:208761381 In Game Name: Climate warfare Admin that banned you: Redfire Server: Gmod TTT Length of Ban: Permanent Why were you banned?: "aimbot" Why should we consider unbanning you? One of the young children on the server thought I was "hacking" because I got a measly 2-3 kills on one of my traitor rounds about 30 minutes ago. I then noticed MLG, DolphWin and then hashisaki join on this witch hunt against me, I thought they were just joking around. I proceeded to play as I usually do for almost 2 maps, and all of a sudden was banned for "aimbot" by Redfire, without any explanation. I'm appealing this because most of the people in the community are fun to play with, and this seems like it was a mistake, or lapse in judgement. I've never been the type to use "hacks", so please provide me with the corresponding "evidence" as I know there isn't any. This just doesn't seem right.
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