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  1. kyle if you see this i hope you have a good day


    rda at 2 in the fucking morning

  2. Based and redpilled

  3. TFW Lil Smoke got banned from KryptheBear's stream lol

  4. That's never the answer and that's maybe one of reason on why Thriller was removed
  5. Because the knife is already good since it 1 shots now and is silent
  6. Why does he look like LeafyIsHere?
  7. I can't tell whether this is serious or not
  8. You changed it after the round started
  9. Yes pls vote for Breach (If you dont know what it's about i suggest playing SCP:Containment Breach for an insight)
  10. So what youre trying to tell everyone is that i target you while doing random damage to you?That is not the case at all .Also people dont have to kos me if they dont want to as if im doing mediocre damage or was an accident.What you are doing wrong is following koses which in terms is getting you to lose karma or get killed only because i did little damage to someone which may or may not have been an accident.
  11. Although yes I have consistently random damage others most of the time and others may think that I should be banned for it,to be i don't think this warrants a ban.(These are my responses to previous posts) INITIAL REPORT BlueBerry , You've over exaggerated the "days,weeks, and months" as no i have not random damaged for a literal month.You are just assuming what i've done over the past couple of days i've been doing in months which is false .You've gotten killed by me because you shot me and i had no choice but to defend myself and these "False KOS" i don't even do.I may joke about KOSing someone but i don't even call a KOS or if i did I'd call it off . DODGER If i had no intent to play on the server and i would've been banned for it and seeing as you may have some vendetta towards me because i did practically no damage,i expected this.I do actually have an intent to play on the server and you would otherwise because you think that I like doing random damage to others and what you think that i "don't intend to play by the rules" because what i'm doing affects everyone's gameplay experiences SCREENSHOTS Although the random damage shown by blueberry was minimal and only at least 2 i did a lot of damage which should've warranted a report from the victim and this happened last night i believe BlueBerry should've done something.And as Math stated in his comment,only one of seven of the screenshots that BlueBerry posted was indeed an RDM but the rest of these are just random damage that people don't care about unless they report me for it.If they did have i would be perfectly fine with getting that kick. DUCKYY I understand that for these past couple of days that i've random damaged others seem really bad to everyone but if anything i should've been reported in game for this and people do this sometimes as duckyy says that even staff and anyone else has atleast did random damage to someone else and i'm guessing everyone else has done it at least once. If i'm going to get banned because of this then its a good start anyway.I'll be able to learn from this whether or not i get banned. Peace
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