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  1. Haven't been on the forums in a while. I see myself finding whatever makes me happy, regardless of money or lifestyle. I find being happy can cure a lot in life. I can spend a day with the people I enjoy and my worries about money or school or relationships or whatnot all fade away. Also to everyone reading this who says "oh that'll never happen" or "I'll never find people", I used to think that why too. I Didn't find my people till after I was out on my own and could do and be around who or what I wanted. It really doesn't help in the moment but when I looking back im glad that I had those moments of being alone and having terrible friends so I can really enjoy the friendships I have today To follow up with a question, who is the one person who always makes you laugh and why? (friend, family member, comedian, ect)
  2. Spicy wants a Kentucky Muzzleloader

  3. I think this has the potential to be amazing
  4. Are you pregnant or prengart? Also if youre not sure you get prengart if you let someone pee in your butt
  5. some of the staff were testing their ban power and i volunteered to be banned thinking it would be one minute and its been 10 minutes and im still banned from the server...
  6. Yesterday Zombies, RDA, and myself were giving frog crap about "admin abuse" jokingly and we were complaining to heartless so heartless came on and brought everyone to the sky killing everyone from fall damage and blamed frog
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