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  1. buying Game for 1 gold

  2. this was from a report made on you / Discord July 27, 2018 Last Friday at 2:01 PM
  3. mlg you are unbanned after serving 3 days. after talking with other's, 5 days is too long for killing because of a staff's mistake. everyone was in that area because two users were in jail which they should not have been from the beginning. but 3 days will go for continuous RDM / random damage of the players. if you wish to farther any report about "abuse" I'm the one who jailed the two players and the one who banned you. Love Heartless
  4. 1. as red had told you two rdms in one round is 3 slays. 2. we can't slay math you would need to talk with someone who can. 3. you shot the final bullet and then got reported, we can't go out of are way to slay anyone who did not get reported. we can ask and see if they would like too, but it's up to user. 4. I've only slayed you for what was needed. <3
  5. ClaraTehKitty: put your chub into my ear (Doctor Chubs) ender_scythe: i don't Frog with no cardboard box looking Booty ( ender is mean to me ;~;) DolphWin to You: ill put my cum stain on your face ( it was to Chi because DolphWin is a big perv / poor Chi) Heartless Box: I'm 9 Orangs / 10 Orangs disappointed in Orang ( Orang is a good inno but a bad T <3)
  6. From Frogdoggo: let's get the mexicans you dungus
  7. I'm a cardboard box from Michigan, who calls herself Heartless <3 I was trying to find exit 45 off the freeway, but I took exit 46, and found a TTT sever full of wonderful nerds. The road I'm now stuck on has a No U-turns sign on it... so it would seem your stuck with this box. Cheers to more good times......you nerds <3
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