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  1. Yeah I agree with all ya'll. Dolphwin is a big abuser and if we dont get him out of this community quick he will destroy it. He is a menace. Everyone gather your pitchforks and torches! We must burn the witch. ~Ps Chi is bae
  2. Hi as you told me as soon as I first got on to watch him which I did. I can’t just come on and ban him from what you are saying. I trust you in that he was probably rdming a whole bunch of people before I got on but after I gave him the slays he wasn’t doing it anymore. If you had provided proof to me of him doing this while no staff was on I’d gladly help him get banned but as a staff member I am not allowed to do that mlg. I’m sorry I couldn’t fix the problem to your satisfaction but as you said when redfire and I got on he did stop.
  3. If someone else gave you a slay comrade nick then I’m sorry but they shouldn’t have and I do not like that they went and undermined my decision without talking to me. I also feel that if they did this that it is rude and disrespectful that they are checking how I handle the report when they have the same rank as me and should not be pretending to be superior. Yes I understand we should all hold each other to a high standard but it is ridiculous if I have another trial s think that they know everything without asking me what happened first before they decided to change my verdict
  4. I was on during this time and I did not give nick a slay. I believe what this post is doing is to clarify that he would be ok for kos the person based on the skin. The situation was that Oreos was a traitor using the disguiser and in an obvious t room only place. What happened is comrade nick called a kos on Oreos because he saw him in it and he knew it was Oreos because only Oreos has that certain skin. He didn’t know it was Oreos for sure by name but knew by skin. The whole point of this is moot however because no one else got to follow the kos cause comrade nick was the one that killed Oreos. Oreos then got mad and reported comrade nick for calling a kos on him when he shouldn’t have known who is. I did not slay comrade nick because everyone saw the t in the t room and were shooting at him anyways as well as comrade nick being the one who followed his own kos.
  5. No you killed more than 2-3 people for sure. You wiped out almost the whole server singlehandedly yourself on your t round when you first joined us and only died to the last guy alive since he was lucky to position himself in a spot that allowed him to get the angle on you that would be impossible for you even using aimbot to have hit. Furthermore when you noticed a staff member was on you started allowing people to shoot you and you wouldn’t retaliate and shoot them back. Why is that? I finally caught you doing it again when you killed lance from halfway across the map when you weren’t even looking at him in the first place and somehow perfectly flicked onto him and killed him in one shot. If that is not aimbot then you must have the luck of the gods to hit something like that perfectly
  6. Hello I’m sorry you feel that way but on the first round you joined and got T you did not kill one or two people. You proceeded to massacre 11 people on the server. I then started watching you and after that you never displayed that level of competence again. During that round you made some impossible shots that are really hard to pull off and they would end up being headshots. You finally messed up and did it again when I saw you gun down lance with a single shot from across the map. The way you flicked perfectly to him when you weren’t even looking in his direction was very impressive. If you weren’t using hacks then you must have a third sense for where the t was when you would flick from looking directly away from him to his chest somehow. The way you flicked to him was too fast. It was blatantly obvious and I’m sorry you want to argue and pretend that you did not aimbot. When you played with me earlier on you also did not display that level of competence. Other people to note of your actions include hashi, momma weaboo, lance, and even Michiru for the first time when you came on the server and get kicked for multiple random damage hits to people each round
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