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  1. i hunted yo Booty so hard. at least mine wasnt AR DEE EMMMMMMMM omg it corrects swears now? Frog shit Booty titty bitch *it changes f*ck to frog. i approve
  3. it was the map with the three person required tester and the piggies confed said he's in chicago and 2 hours ahead of the cali people, if that helps at all. since i'm mentioned in this, yes I did say multiple times that it was almost nap time. I can also confirm that zombies administered the slay before confed replied.
  4. I just noticed this post today, I will make sure to send the link to music. Thank you for this post, i think it was a polite and mature idea.
  5. I liked when Spicy had just gotten operator maybe 30 minutes prior and jailed himself before realizing he didnt have access to the unjail command. Game had to come free him.
  6. Oh Pandora! Not exactly the right place for this, but I have a question about the new motd! Ok so i love that (last i checked) it now says if someone passes an visible un id'd without a threat, to do the standard warnings for them to id it before ya kos 'em for it. BUT i've been told by some staff to ignore that rule in the motd (and that they had asked you, Pandora, about the rule and you confirmed to ignore it) and not to slay if someone is killed for passing an un id'd even though no warnings are given. Just thought i'd ask you to confirm this, since I wouldn't be surprised if there was miscommunication cause I was told this thru a "this person said that this person said" chain. as far as suggestions go, maybe add a part to clarify what is and isn't kosable for discombobs/incends. I know yall dont wanna bog down the motd but I've heard a wide variety of rumors over my few months (e.g. all disc. kos on dolls, incends not kos if no one is damaged) and until we get a complete set of rules elsewhere, I think it is important that there is text to reference, especially cause staff often have conflicting opinions on unwritten rules. (nvrmind i see that the motd says damaging w grenades)
  7. "I have been absent for the past week or so due to some personal health and mental well-being issues." I'm actually quite certain that you're dying. Stop dying. it's bad for you.
  8. "untill recently when i randomly damaged 2 guys for revenge "
  9. In my opinion, the problem here is more of that you did it out of revenge. Like you know not to randomly damage people, and yeah you get slain for that, thats a thing on its own. but if you're going around damaging people who have damaged you previously, there is nothing other than malicious intent, and i personally think that could be considered targeting, since you are going after a specific person. If you want them punished, make a report on them and staff will punish appropriately. Dont take it into your own hands, you know better.
  10. ^^^ i suppose if you know for a fact that person A shot person B, it would be rdm to kill person B. If you dont know for a fact that A shot B though, and B killed A, i dont see why it would be rdm to kill B, as you cannot confirm or deny that the kos on A by B was valid. Otherwise, a T ( could just run around saying that whomever shot them and then kill them (A), and it would just be a sus? Especially if the traitor ( kills A before stating that they shot them, and A doesnt have a chance to say it was a false kos and kos B.
  11. (if i reply w my opinion as you asked, will you feed me more than just tortillas tomorrow?) This whole scenario makes me uncomfy tbh, cause if i were person B i wouldn't have killed A, let alone report anyone; if I were A, i would've just up and killed myself; if I were C i wouldn't have killed B cause i am ~a hesitant creature~ That said, if B really wanted someone slain, then yes, that would be the right way to go about it (slaying A, not C) Tl:dr yes
  12. nonono if someone knows how to fix this, pls dont, it brought me great joy
  13. OOF Just left a friendly response on the ban forums post and hopped over to see what was in the general forums. And you know what, Oreos? i am SAD. like not a "disappointed in you" sad but GENUINELY SAD with how you replied to ducky. She reached out, essentially offered to be a friend to you, offered you someone to talk to, offered you a place away from the people you feel are targeting you, and you didn't only reject the kindness she showed, you SASSED HER, lamented over no one caring about you (when ducky is showing you she cares and trying to help?!?!), and then topped it off with "What the hell..." BUT NO IT DOESNT STOP THERE Ducky, like the good soul she is, gives your sass a heartfelt response, sharing personal details about herself, trying to connect with you, let you know that hey, we've been through shit too, we can relate or empathize or at least talk to you about what's got you upset. DUCKY SITS HERE, TELLS YOU PERSONAL INFORMATION ABOUT THE PAIN SHES BEEN THROUGH, THINGS THAT HAVE AFFECTED HER AND HER LIFE IN WAYS WE CANNOT FATHOM, AND YOU HAVE THE AUDACITY TO TOSS IT ASIDE AND SAY "you don't know me." 1. She has stuck her hand out and said let me know you, and you have essentially thrown a shoe in her face 2. AY, you're right, we don't know you, but you also dont know us and i can promise you a lot of us have been through some serious shit. Please don't discredit what we've been through. Please. If you told ducky personal experiences that have caused you tremendous pain and she dismissed it, you cant tell me you wouldn't be hurt. Please oreos, for your own sake, just stop and look at the things you are saying and consider how you would feel if the situation were reversed. I will sit quietly and watch you and people being rude to you spew garbage at each other for days, but when someone is being kind and open to you, especially with personal experiences -- things that have probably driven them to tears or worse countless times -- and you disregard that, pandas will whip out their claws. (im upset, my thoughts are jumbled, and I haven't slept in 36 hours, so i hope this makes at least some sense)
  14. To be honest Oreos, I don't know what you want from the staff. Whenever they try to explain something to you or appease you, you continue arguing. Pandora has explained himself and tried to empathize, ducky and micah have given suggestions on how to make yourself less of a target. It's frustrating for staff because they are taking time to try and help you but you are rejecting everything they say. None of us are against you, Oreos, we really are trying to answer your questions and help you with what is upsetting you. Please just try to cooperate with staff and respond respectfully, and be mindful that we aren't attacking you.
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