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  1. Based and redpilled

  2. Gmod always breaks my steam too, but its actually only messing up the resolution, usually just moving steam around with the mouse fixes that, but as for the update Levin and Yamis idea should fix that.
  3. (Idk if Im allowed to even post here) Yeah and in fact earlier today he rdmd me again when he was Detective (I dont have the logs/evidence but Dolphwin can attest to it as he handled the report.)
  4. Gonna have to get a switch for Christmas
  5. Wasnt like everything just temp removed to be updated and stuff? Im pretty sure itll all be back soon tbh. Just like how we lost our XP and inventory for like 5 minutes
  6. Never click any link from game galaxy, this has been a friendly PSA.

  7. You dont have to press tab to see the mic though, oh well. I agree with the removing the mic entirely idea you had, would make disguisers better and lets say youre walking away from a murder and no one sees your name but sees your mic, they could kos you. So removing the mic icon above your head would sort that too.
  8. Well the mic thing really isnt meta gaming, lets say on the map with the prison I see frog kill someone through the cage while the cage wall is up and he giggles, I know it was him cus the mic symbol popped up, thats all inside game information. Kossing off of skin is different because the skins themselves arent a part of the game itself, just a nice bonus feature and each person chooses their own.
  9. Another cool (yet idk how plausible) change would be having it no longer show the mic icon above your head if you talk while disguised.
  10. Why not just sus and then kill in OT instead of instantly kosing?
  11. Yes you are shhhh Game, just drown in the chicken soup.
  12. When a cop and a midget love each other veryyyyy much......
  13. Stay safe, we''ll be right here when you get back
  14. Ahhh, you too ship Minicop, I am also a person of culture.
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